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FTV Girl Roxy

[Total: 266    Average: 3.4/5]
ftv roxy public nudity

ftv roxy about to fist

ftv roxy fisting her own ass

Videographer/Photographer’s Comments

By far the most extreme girl we have had on FTV in a very long while, Roxy shows off her amazing talents. Besides being extreme, she is supercute, with a perfect butt and sexy legs — and she is very sexual…but she is not for the fainthearted! If extreme is not your thing, be careful of what you click on! Its a sure thing that Roxy really does love the large, deep, full-filling penetration.

3 Comments for Roxy

  1. The incredible man on January 27, 2016: (Reply)
    Hello Roxy. You are beautiful. I like your pussy. I would like to make love to enjoy good orgasms when you feel my penis inside your body.
  2. dd.eddie on January 23, 2016: (Reply)
    OMG, I want to lick her fist no matter what hole it was it. If she let me do that, i’d let her tickle my prostate the same way..lol Fantastic tits and pussy; well totally amazing
  3. Nope! on January 22, 2016: (Reply)
    Well there’s a girl that will be wearing a nappy by the age of 30

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FTV Girl Brielle

[Total: 242    Average: 3.5/5]
brielle public ass gape

brielle upskirt no panties

brielle monster toy

Brielle’s Comments

Well hi! As you know, my name is Brielle and i am a native out of a little town named Scottsdale in Arizona! I’m 21 just an ordinary girl trying to make it big for herself, and since i was young i have always had a fascination with dancing and the performing arts. Later on, when i turned 19, the first opportunity arose for the adult industry, the offer was to cam on a computer and flirt with guys, and being a little nervous I met up with the company manager and tried it out for about an hour or so. Let me just tell you, I LOVED IT. Everyday i started camming for hours. i love the attention and compliments. 2 and a half years went by and im still strong in the game. After i had enough fans and people enjoying my pizzazz I decided to step it up a bit and do some solo shoots in front of a video camera and a photographer. After my very first time i hadn’t done anything too extensive so i decided to do FTV girls. I enjoyed this alot because i got to travel to some really pretty places and be able to do some crazy out of the blue stuff; like attempt to fist my tight pink taco, use a glass toy at the mall, and play with some juicy zuchinnis in a whole new perspective. To be honest at first it was a little nervewracking to be around the general public, and not in my home… but all in all it worked out quite well… and lets just say im not TOO shy anymore thanks to you guys! im really happy i got to do this for all of you, and i hope you enjoy it all <3

4 Comments for Brielle

  1. The incredible man on January 27, 2016: (Reply)
    Hello Brielle. You are beautiful. I like your pussy and I would like fuck you.
  2. dd.eddie on January 23, 2016: (Reply)
    You are gorgeous Brielle! LOvely body… wow i wish you posted a teaser of your yummy fist in you pink taco.. YUM YUM!
  3. Mdelano35.md@gmail.com on January 21, 2016: (Reply)
    Such a beautiful woman.
  4. Anonym on January 19, 2016: (Reply)
    Beatiful Face and Body. Would like to fuck your wet pussy so Bad!

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FTV Girl Aveline

[Total: 264    Average: 3.6/5]
aveline tram pussy

aveline public pussy

aveline pussy shot

Model Comments

I absolutely enjoyed my FTV experience. I was always made sure i was comfotable and they went out of their way to make me that way. It was definetly different from anything I have ever done but it was also worth it for the new experince. My favorite part about this shoot, well i enjoyed all of it but if i had to pick it would be a toss up between the introductory to the vibrator and attempting to flash in a local restaurant. It’s more challenging than you may think. I loved it and would definitely do it again. I hope you enjoy my first time video.

4 Comments for Aveline

  1. Mdelano35.md@gmail.com on January 21, 2016: (Reply)
    You are absolutely stunning and gorgeous
  2. The incredible man on January 19, 2016: (Reply)
    Hello Aveline. You’re a very beautiful woman and your pussy is the best. How I would like you suck my penis before stick it in your pussy and so have the best orgasm.
  3. Anonymous on January 16, 2016: (Reply)
    she is so dam sweet ! perfect young woman !
  4. dd.eddie on January 14, 2016: (Reply)
    Pretty woman Aveline; I would love to wash and wax your car for you as you pose.. Mmmmm.. just wish we had more glimpse of your tit ornaments and a shot of a shapely ass

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FTV Girl Nina North & Serena

[Total: 339    Average: 3.2/5]
nina north bikini

nina north girlfriend

North North lesbian sex with girlfriend

Serena’s Comments

Hi i’m Serena i’m from Durham, North Carolina. I turned 18 in January. I recently left North Carolina for the very first time, it was also my first time on a plane. My bestfriend Nina and I went to West Palm Beach Florida for four days and had a great time. I fell in love with flying and wish I could just fly everywhere because im terrified of driving. I recenetly traveled to Florida again to visit my boyfriend, staying in Boca Raton this time. I’ve decided Florida is where I want to live in about a year or two but I also want to live in California and in New York for a bit. Nina is my not only my bestfriend but my soulmate. We even have our own language. We do the craziest things together and always have tons of fun no matter what we are doing. We are always singing shopping dancing laughing and walking around or cuddling naked. I hope Nina and I will continue working together but I want to do solo shoots too. I want to continue shooting for the next 3 to 4 years. I hope you enjoy my first shoot as much as I did!

4 Comments for Nina North & Serena

  1. Kiwi on January 9, 2016: (Reply)
    Hi Nina and Serena I love you two <3
  2. The incredible man on December 31, 2015: (Reply)
    Hi Nina and Serena. You are two of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. I would like us to do a threesome love to have sex with you. I could’nt beautiful and you have the best orgasms they have ever felt. I want my penis is happy to go through their pussys. Also I want to have sex without a condom so there rubbing skin to skin.
  3. dd.eddie on December 29, 2015: (Reply)
    OMG! Amazing pair of BFFs. Serena are you the brunette? Deliciously petite compact sexy body!! Blonde NIna? fantastic ass and pussy.. I want to be cuddled by you both and to just smell your sexiness as you do…
  4. Mdelano35.md@gmail.com on December 28, 2015: (Reply)

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FTV Girl Cadey Mercury

[Total: 343    Average: 3.4/5]
flashing small titties

pussy from behind

bizarre insertion

Model Comments

When I looked into doing a shoot for FTV Girls I wanted to see what I was getting into first LOL! I took a look at the site and LOVED what I saw, especially the public nudity stuff which I hadn’t really done before so I was pretty excited about doing that. It seemed really cool how comfortable the models were and that was definitely the vibe I got from my shoot, it was seriously the best time and the photographer guy Eric had me cracking my ass up (get it, ass crack?) so it was wayyy more fun than work hahah! I got to show my titties in public and play with myself, tho some of those toys were just CRAZY powerful and my little pussy just couldn’t handle that much buzz…I’M LOOKIN AT *YOU*, VIBRA KING lol! If I had to pick one favorite part of the whole day it would be tough, I did like rubbing ice on my clit oh man it was so cold but soooo refreshing bc things were getting pretty tender down there. Oh I also liked when I used that barbie doll as a sex toy, I never heard of anything like that before but hey, I get to check that off my bucket list…wait why did I even have that written on my bucket list? Anyway I had an awesome time from start to end, and I’d definitely love to come back for more fun sometime…hopefully you all dig it too! xoxox

Update: Now known as Cadey Mercury!

6 Comments for Cadey Mercury

  1. The incredible man on December 31, 2015: (Reply)
    Hi Cadey. You are so Beautiful. I commented that I get you instead of that doll in your vagina, you better put my penis. So you will have a better orgasm.
  2. Christian Alexander Tietgen on December 29, 2015: (Reply)
    Nice facial expression
  3. Anonymous on December 28, 2015: (Reply)
  4. Eddie on December 27, 2015: (Reply)
    Love the shot showing both holes along with your BEAUTIFUL FACE.
  5. Mdelano35.md@gmail.com on December 24, 2015: (Reply)
    What an absolutely gorgeous woman you are. I just love your beautiful smile
  6. dd.eddie on December 22, 2015: (Reply)
    Cadey, when you do come back and get sore I would gladly ice my mouth and gently soothe your tender holes with warm lips and a cold tongue.. love your sense of humor and dimples! HOT

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FTV Girl Marley Brinx

[Total: 325    Average: 3.5/5]
marley brinx upskirt

marley brinx pussy peek

marley brinx naked

Model Comments

My name is Marley, Im a 20 year old Canadian chick who just recently got into the porn industry. My thoughts so far, well its been quite an interesting two months. From the good, like meeting all sorts of awsome people, to the bad, getting exteamly sick one month into my career. But lets back track a little, I got into porn quite sporadically, I was sitting at home watching porn on one of my favorite websites when I scrolled right to the bottom and noticed an “apply here” of course I click it, sent in a couple cute selfies, and they called me back within two hours, and the rest is history, I come down to LA to shoot for FTVGIRLS and then meet an agent in the industry. Then I shot my two scenes Downtown Toronto with my boyfriend for the company Mofo’s, It was such a great and trilling experience, I actually thought about turning around my car and going home before it even begun, thank god I didn’t, because then i wouldnt be writing this essay, coming to you from the amazingly awsome FTVGIRLS. I originally arrived in Los Angeles On feburary 28th 2015, although I didnt start shooting until early March.

My first shoot was with FTVGIRLS, shot by what I found out was a new photographer from LA. we ran around Cali, getting some crazy footage and I did my first Double Penatration with the bendable pink dildo. I had such a great time and I did such a great job they decided to bring me back, today, on April 25th (BTW I used that bendable pink dildo again). This time around with FTVGIRLS was great! i got to finally work with the main FTVGIRLS photographer, and I got to see my great friend the LA photographer again! This time we ran around Arizona, we went to many yummy restaurants, and shot a ton of awsome footage, from crazy squirting masterbation to BIG anal gapes, Im sure you will enjoy every moment of it, just like I did. So far I have shot about 15 Scenes in two months, oh dont worry im not done yet (though I’m starting to feel burned out). I actually took a break for 2 weeks before this second FTVGIRLS shoot but I still have another 20 to come before i go back home to Canada! (No I do not live in an igloo, and yes, bacon and maple syrup are my favorite things to eat) I’m happy i’ve got into the porn industry, but im also not looking to make this a lifetime career, i would love to open my own buissnes (that has nothing to do with porn), get married and have four kids. If you asked me the same qestion 2 months ago, it would of been the complete opposite answer. Hope you guys loved my videos with FTVGIRLS, I can’t wait to be back. <3

4 Comments for Marley Brinx

  1. Sam on December 18, 2015: (Reply)
    Show more marley man
  2. dd.eddie on December 14, 2015: (Reply)
    Canada is beautiful BUT just because it has made you! Marley I fell in love with your hair first, your eyes, nose and smile… well then lets just say your pussy is awesome… I dated a girl from Saskatoon when i was in Minot… I love Canadians!
  3. The incredible man on December 14, 2015: (Reply)
    Hello Marley. You are beautiful. I would like to be the father of one of your four future children (hypothetically). As I would get you my penis in your vagina tonight, tomorrow and get pregnant,nine months have the good fortune of being a mother.
  4. Anonymous on December 12, 2015: (Reply)
    Since she is from Canada, I wonder if she was treated to an L.A. Kings’ or Anaheim Ducks’game? When she was in L.A., the Kings were then the reigning Stanley Cup champs. “Reigning” Ahhh! Those royal puns!

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FTV Girl Fiona

[Total: 345    Average: 3.5/5]
revealing dress

firm cheerleader ass

naked teen fiona

Model Comments

I am 18 years old, five foot two, with green eyes. I graduated high school a year early at the age of 17. Shortly after graduating high school, I earned a wrestling scholarship to a private bapist college. I am currently on my second year, and working towards my Masters in Biotech, with a minor in personal fitness. I hope to eventually run my own biotech lab, where I will find new and safe ways to help keep everyone healthy and strong. In my spare time I enjoy excrise, food, music and adventures. I run close to 5 miles a day, as well as lift weights and attend crossfit classes. I grew up singing karaoke with my family and friends, as well as dancing and cheering my whole life, I am a four time all-american cheerleader, with superior jumps, and spirt certifications from UCA and NCA. I love trying new foods, but my favorite food would have to be sushi or good ol’ Texas BBQ. Music is my everything, it helps me relax, get pumped up and all around makes me happy. I attend concerts and music festivles frequently as well as promote for some of the biggest events in Texas, I am the first ever, Ms. Exxotica, Texas. I grew up in north Texas, in the country, and on the lake, I can skin a buck, bait a hook, and shoot any flying object from the sky. I am outgoing and a little crazy, I love trying new things, and making everlasting memories, so that one day when I am 99 years old and look back on my life I will know that I have done anything and everything that I ever imagined, not have to deal with the sucky what if’s.

9 Comments for Fiona

  1. dd.eddie on January 14, 2016: (Reply)
  2. Anonymous on January 6, 2016: (Reply)
    To everyone, FYI, Fiona, aka Leah Gotti,which is clued not to be her real name either by stating on Twitter that she is putting Leah Gotti to rest has called it quits via Twitter. She is out for good.
  3. Anonymous on December 15, 2015: (Reply)
    I just admire looking at your nude body.Nice breasts and areolae and that vulva. What a sight. I would just love to fondle your breasts and kiss and nibble on your areolae. I want to lick your labia and have you blow me. Then finally fuck you up the vagina so hard to watch your breasts jiggle.
  4. The incredible man on December 10, 2015: (Reply)
    Hi Fiona. You are beautiful. I would make you my lover, to make love every day. When my penis into your vagina, both are going to thrill you left aside rubber penises and other elements to masturbate.
  5. Anonymous on December 10, 2015: (Reply)
    Please place more photos of her on here Rateftvgirls. Especially the ones of her behind the desk. Where she then lies behind it and starts to masterbate.She has such perfect breasts and vagina.
  6. vincent on December 10, 2015: (Reply)
    réellement belle
  7. Anonymous on December 8, 2015: (Reply)
    Hello Fiona, If you read this or if someone who knows Fiona reads this, May I please give a suggetion? My suggestion for a future photoshoot or video is for you to do your daily full exersizes. I am reffering to jogging, swimming,calisthenics and wieghtlifting.Not only just do it, do it completely with absolutely nothing on your body,COMPLETELY NUDE.
  8. DanTheMan on December 4, 2015: (Reply)
    Can I be your Shrek?
  9. dd.eddie on December 3, 2015: (Reply)
    Well Fiona.. GREAT that you pursue everything; can you please add a 56yo man with limited time that would love to taste and lick your entire body? ANytime even after a workout. I think your biolab can explode how a woman’s sexual fluids will keep an old man alive and stiff at the same time. WOW Beautiful!

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FTV Girl Darcie

[Total: 339    Average: 3.8/5]
hot armenian girl

busty armenian girl

big armenian tits

Hey FTV! Darcie here. So basically I was REALLY scared before this shoot. I hadn.t heard of FTV before so I didn.t really know what to expect. I heard that we would be shooting in public and on a boat and driving around with a guy I.d never met before and I kind of freaked myself out! Turns out my photographer was hella cool and that was fine. I.ve done some modeling but mostly in promotion of my DJ career. You can actually hear my stuff on Soundcloud, search for DJ Darcie Dolce. I guess im shy about the porn thing. I feel like society looks down at it and I just don.t see myself as like a PORN PORN girl. But im ok with higher end websites that make the girls look pretty. I checked out the FTV site quickly and saw pretty girls but I didn.t really watch the videos too much, which I guess I should have! Haha. I honestly thought the public stuff was shot in a studio or like a set location type of thing. I guess the thing that most guys notice about me is my face, or my eyes. Everyone thinks it would be boobs but I don.t really dress in a way that shows that off. I think of it as a bonus when I show a guy my body because im pretty proud of it. I have work to do obviously, im curvy but I like my body. I wouldn.t say I had one favorite part of the shoot. The outside stuff was scary but kind of fun at the same time. The golf course dare was sketchy because there were golf course workers everywhere haha. They probably wouldn.t care tho. Well it was a fun shoot! I.d love to come back to shoot again and maybe with a girl! I actually do really like girls. I.ve had some girl sex nights with my friends and ya, those can be fun : )

7 Comments for Darcie

  1. Brian smith on December 13, 2015: (Reply)
    Wow very sexy thanks for showing us your incredible gorgeous body. I want more
  2. The incredible man on December 10, 2015: (Reply)
    Hi Darcy. You are beautiful and you have a beautiful boobs. I want to make love and feel your boobs in my face while my penis enters your vagina. With this you do not get to masturbate never artificially. You will always ask for a real penis.
  3. Jordan on December 4, 2015: (Reply)
    Please return with a buddy or two. 😉
  4. The man on December 1, 2015: (Reply)
    Is that a wedding ring?
  5. jb on November 29, 2015: (Reply)
    you are beautiful disappointed not to c your butt!!
  6. dd.eddie on November 29, 2015: (Reply)
    OMG! dont you dare do anything about those awesome curves; nature will move it around.. well you eyes are soul touching by Im in lust to kiss those lips and lick your nose. PS: Lick both sets of lips!
  7. DanTheMan on November 28, 2015: (Reply)
    Darcie, you are voluptuous and sexy as hell! Your eyes, hair, boobs, waist, hips, and pussy all look absolutely ravishing! What I wouldn’t give for a week with you!

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FTV Girl Tracy

[Total: 267    Average: 3.6/5]
polish girl tits

see through teddy

anal toy vibrator

Videographer/Photographer’s Comments

She was very very very shy in the beginning, and off camera the first 30 minutes was just warming her up to the video camera. Then you see her getting ready, and I’m just recording her body in tease form with what I can capture off the green dress. Nice breasts, full butt — after she’s done with her makeup, I ask her if she could masturbate on camera. I put two cameras on tripod and leave. She gets close to orgasm, but finds it too hot (and she’s still timid) to get to orgasm. She didn’t want to do any outdoor shooting, partly because of the heat but also her nervousness about being seen nude outside by anyone. Before we go, she surprises me with a little kinkiness — by stuffing ben wa balls that helps her get wet inside. She claims that walking around with those in her helps her get more aroused. So while we travel to the other house, and have her pose in her casual wear, they are still inside her. When she pulls them out, I get nervous — it almost looks like the plastic string that is sticking out is going to rip off, and have the balls stuck inside her. She gets them out, we get some posers, and then she tries masturbating again. I have her use the Vibraking Toy, in case it helps promote the orgasm faster, but it still gets her close but no orgasm. So I continue shooting closeups of her clit, and spread shots. Later, I give her the Vibraking toy again, and leave her to masturbate alone, she does finally have a strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions, along with a surprise squirt. It shocks her, since she had never squirted before, and was somewhat embarassed by it. I assured her it was fine, and that many members like squirting scenes. Then she brings out anal toy she has recently bought but never tried — she’s never done any anal toy before. She’s nervous about it in the beginning, like it will hurt; but she ends up really enjoying it, and walks around with it in her butt, with the vibrator on. So I challenge her to double penetration, having her take her personal vibrator inside her, and fire up the vibraking again. That’s when all of a sudden, her period starts. It shortens up the shoot, as we couldn’t continue with her bleeding (there are very few people who want a period fetish!). To finish the day off, I get some pretty pics with her white dress and heels, and we conclude the shoot early.

3 Comments for Tracy

  1. qjs on February 21, 2016: (Reply)
    You are so beatiful that to see you in internt
  2. The incredible man on December 10, 2015: (Reply)
    Hey Tracy. You are Beautiful.I do not like to suck my dick while I lick your vagina, then we can have normal sex and make you scream with excitement.
  3. dd.eddie on November 29, 2015: (Reply)
    Beautiful Tracy! Shyness is ok and I think if i met you jogging, washing da car, shopping i would fall in love. I would beg to lick your pussy and ass..

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FTV Girl Anyah

[Total: 233    Average: 3.3/5]
pussy flash under table

public roadside ass

sexy secretary with dildo

Model Comments

I get to travel (which I have to say is the best part so far, besides getting off of course!) I’m hoping it with open my mind up to new experiences, many of which I tried today (fisting, anal play, and publically pleasuring myself!) and allowing me to meet many more great people, places, and cultures. Today was an eye opening experience that I hope to have again in the near future. I pushed myself to my limits and actually learned a few new tricks I can do at home now! The favorite part of my shoot today I think I have to say was the fisting. I’ve tried it a few times before with little success, so when I was actually wrist-deep in my pussy, pounding myself I felt a little accomplished, and much pleasure! I have to say, running around naked on the golf course, and skinny dipping aren’t much lower on the pleasure meter. I really do hope all you lovely men enjoyed my shoot as much as I did, and hopefully I’ll make another appearance sometime soon! Keep an eye out for me I have big plans 😉

3 Comments for Anyah

  1. The incredible man on November 21, 2015: (Reply)
    Hello Anyah. You’re beautiful. Prefer not really a penis penetrates your great vagina. I would like to have sex with you and make you a better orgasm that you’d have a rubber penis. I would also like to lick your pussy and your suck my penis.
  2. Anonymous on November 21, 2015: (Reply)
    blast that toy my slut got an omah toy
  3. dd.eddie on November 21, 2015: (Reply)
    I love your name.. ahhhh Anyah, maker of wet dreams. I wish I could lick your fist before and after ravishing your fantastic pussy… but im still wanting to see your tits and tummy to fulfill my dreams

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