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FTV Girl Tracy

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Videographer/Photographer’s Comments

She was very very very shy in the beginning, and off camera the first 30 minutes was just warming her up to the video camera. Then you see her getting ready, and I’m just recording her body in tease form with what I can capture off the green dress. Nice breasts, full butt — after she’s done with her makeup, I ask her if she could masturbate on camera. I put two cameras on tripod and leave. She gets close to orgasm, but finds it too hot (and she’s still timid) to get to orgasm. She didn’t want to do any outdoor shooting, partly because of the heat but also her nervousness about being seen nude outside by anyone. Before we go, she surprises me with a little kinkiness — by stuffing ben wa balls that helps her get wet inside. She claims that walking around with those in her helps her get more aroused. So while we travel to the other house, and have her pose in her casual wear, they are still inside her. When she pulls them out, I get nervous — it almost looks like the plastic string that is sticking out is going to rip off, and have the balls stuck inside her. She gets them out, we get some posers, and then she tries masturbating again. I have her use the Vibraking Toy, in case it helps promote the orgasm faster, but it still gets her close but no orgasm. So I continue shooting closeups of her clit, and spread shots. Later, I give her the Vibraking toy again, and leave her to masturbate alone, she does finally have a strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions, along with a surprise squirt. It shocks her, since she had never squirted before, and was somewhat embarassed by it. I assured her it was fine, and that many members like squirting scenes. Then she brings out anal toy she has recently bought but never tried — she’s never done any anal toy before. She’s nervous about it in the beginning, like it will hurt; but she ends up really enjoying it, and walks around with it in her butt, with the vibrator on. So I challenge her to double penetration, having her take her personal vibrator inside her, and fire up the vibraking again. That’s when all of a sudden, her period starts. It shortens up the shoot, as we couldn’t continue with her bleeding (there are very few people who want a period fetish!). To finish the day off, I get some pretty pics with her white dress and heels, and we conclude the shoot early.

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3 Comments for Tracy

  1. qjs on February 21, 2016: (Reply)

    You are so beatiful that to see you in internt

  2. The incredible man on December 10, 2015: (Reply)

    Hey Tracy. You are Beautiful.I do not like to suck my dick while I lick your vagina, then we can have normal sex and make you scream with excitement.

  3. dd.eddie on November 29, 2015: (Reply)

    Beautiful Tracy! Shyness is ok and I think if i met you jogging, washing da car, shopping i would fall in love. I would beg to lick your pussy and ass..

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