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I was born and raised in New Jersey which is a good and bad thing. I would say i’m very conservative, which is kind of contradicted in this video, however it was my first time so there is a first time for everything! Aside from my brother i also have a sister that is 13 months younger than me. Her and I are attached at the hip pretty much, we do everything together. So, once college came around she decided to go an hour and a half away to school while i stayed close to home and commuted, which meant i had to make my own friends, other than her. that thought honestly scared me because girls to me are just way to dramatic and i would rather not deal with it. However, the summer going into my sophomore year of college i was in the gym working out and this random girl came up to talk to me. my first thought was oh god please dont come and talk to me, but she did. And two years later we’re best friends. Her and I were actually supposed to do a girl girl shoot for ftv girls this time around, BUT a week before she decided to go to canada to go skiing, and she broke her collar bone causing me to do a solo. but hopefully sometime in the future it’ll happen. I never ever saw myself doing porn, i mean i have gotten offers previouslt and thought about it, but not seriously. So this shoot definitely holds a lot of firsts for me. I really had a great time shooting honestly, I stuck a baseball bad in me which i was totally different from anything i’ve done before, but it was interesting. I also have never used anal beads before but suprisigly it wasn’t too bad i would probably do it again. I really enjoyed the vibraking that i got to use, i’ve never felt anything like it before it literally took over me. The whole shoot in general was really fun and i think made me a little more confident with sex and my body and i would definitely come back and shoot again.

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  1. dd.eddie on July 6, 2016: (Reply)

    Lovely NIcky, I can understand where you wee coming from. I felt the same as my older sister left. Wish We could have seen a picture spread with your sister; perhaps you both explored sexuality together also.. And yes, it would be ok for you to cross your legs and break my collarbone also

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