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I was born in Pasadena and lived in Arcadia till 1st grade, then moved to Glendora. Middle school was where it all started, i started drinking and experimenting with drugs.. the next thing you know all my friends were 3 – 5 years older than me. My boobs were always bigger than all the other girls. My bestfriend taught me about webcamming and how fun it looked but she is a year younger than me and wanted me to give it a go before she did. I started webcamming the day after i turned 18 and two weeks later, my friend told me about FTV. And here i am! My first shoot ever working for FTV girls! I love girls and to be honest i’ve never had a boyfriend.It’s not even that i don’t want one i just think i am very picky. One of my favorite activities is using my magic wand. You can never use it just once, i have to atleast bust out 10 orgasms then i like to nap right after. It’s so relaxing. My life goals are to be sucessful in whatever i end up doing, porn doesn’t last forever. I have always really winged it with my life, i get very lucky.

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    I msut says im madly in love your your look Madi! WOw so much in such a short life. Just hope ur done with drugs and keep a few sexy life long woman partners. I would love just to blindfold you and have a tongue contest. I can do the ASL alphabet on your pussy

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