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FTV Girl Brook & Fiona

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Fiona’s Comments

The first time brooklyn and i ever had sex we were both really drunk and decide to put a show on for my boyfriend and his roommate. We started off by just giving them a tease by kissing each other and then giving the boys lap dances, then turned out attention to each other, and began kissing and undressing each other, once i got her completely naked i kissed down her stomach to her cute little pink pussy, and started lightly gliding my tounge around and around her clit. at that point i was ready to go crazy, so to spice things up i grabbed my hatchi, and plugged that bad boy in. Once i turned it on and pressed it against her pussy she went nuts. I made her squirt for her first time ever! she then decided to use the toy on me then we scissored until we both came again. After i did my first shoot with ftv i came home and of course started telling brooklyn about it all, trying to persuade her to do a girl girl scene with me for ftv, she quickly responded with a yes… I really had a blast shooting with my best friend wouldnt have wanted the day to gone any different. I love her and absolutely love fucking her.

Brook’s Comments

Fiona and I are like ying and yang, opposites but we mix perfectly. When i first saw her i was amazed at how beautiful and confident with herself she was, in some ways i even strive to be like her. Fiona is the one who introduced me to the whole world of sex. I started off masturbating in fourth grade, i would use objects like a tooth brush, razor, or little things and i would masturbate with a pillow. I never even knew what a clit was or squirting or anything like that at all, i thought masturbating was just the good feeling you got when something was inside of you, little did i know i was missing out on a lot! The first time i squirted was with Fiona, she got out her magic wand and slid it down to my clit almost instantly making me squirt. Just a few weeks after our first time having sex together she introduced me to the porn industry and we had our first girl on girl scene. I was pretty nervous at first but now that the day is over it was actually pretty fun. I intend to continue doing girl and solo porn while i am taking my online college classes.

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  1. TIM on May 9, 2016: (Reply)

    OMG, what i would do to be there watching you having sex with each other. So sexy and hot. Watching you make each other squirt would make me shoot a huge load all over you. You are both so dam hot . I would love to ram my hard cock in those pussies and shoot my cum all over your faces !!

  2. The incredible man on February 15, 2016: (Reply)

    Hello Brook. You are so Beautiful. I wonder if your first time was with Fiona or have already felt a real penis in your vagina and you lost your virginity. If you’re still a virgin, you want to have the honor to take it off when my penis into your vagina.

  3. dd.eddie on February 14, 2016: (Reply)

    Brrok and Fiona Im so happy you both ‘found’ eachother and I would never try to cum between you both.. I would in each.. I would love to lick you both after a sweaty session together. HOT!

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FTV Girl Fiona

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Model Comments

I am 18 years old, five foot two, with green eyes. I graduated high school a year early at the age of 17. Shortly after graduating high school, I earned a wrestling scholarship to a private bapist college. I am currently on my second year, and working towards my Masters in Biotech, with a minor in personal fitness. I hope to eventually run my own biotech lab, where I will find new and safe ways to help keep everyone healthy and strong. In my spare time I enjoy excrise, food, music and adventures. I run close to 5 miles a day, as well as lift weights and attend crossfit classes. I grew up singing karaoke with my family and friends, as well as dancing and cheering my whole life, I am a four time all-american cheerleader, with superior jumps, and spirt certifications from UCA and NCA. I love trying new foods, but my favorite food would have to be sushi or good ol’ Texas BBQ. Music is my everything, it helps me relax, get pumped up and all around makes me happy. I attend concerts and music festivles frequently as well as promote for some of the biggest events in Texas, I am the first ever, Ms. Exxotica, Texas. I grew up in north Texas, in the country, and on the lake, I can skin a buck, bait a hook, and shoot any flying object from the sky. I am outgoing and a little crazy, I love trying new things, and making everlasting memories, so that one day when I am 99 years old and look back on my life I will know that I have done anything and everything that I ever imagined, not have to deal with the sucky what if’s.

9 Comments for Fiona

  1. dd.eddie on January 14, 2016: (Reply)


  2. Anonymous on January 6, 2016: (Reply)

    To everyone, FYI,
    Fiona, aka Leah Gotti,which is clued not to be her real name either by stating on Twitter that she is putting Leah Gotti to rest has called it quits via Twitter. She is out for good.

  3. Anonymous on December 15, 2015: (Reply)

    I just admire looking at your nude body.Nice breasts and areolae and that vulva. What a sight. I would just love to fondle your breasts and kiss and nibble on your areolae. I want to lick your labia and have you blow me. Then finally fuck you up the vagina so hard to watch your breasts jiggle.

  4. The incredible man on December 10, 2015: (Reply)

    Hi Fiona. You are beautiful. I would make you my lover, to make love every day. When my penis into your vagina, both are going to thrill you left aside rubber penises and other elements to masturbate.

  5. Anonymous on December 10, 2015: (Reply)

    Please place more photos of her on here Rateftvgirls. Especially the ones of her behind the desk. Where she then lies behind it and starts to masterbate.She has such perfect breasts and vagina.

  6. vincent on December 10, 2015: (Reply)

    réellement belle

  7. Anonymous on December 8, 2015: (Reply)

    Hello Fiona, If you read this or if someone who knows Fiona reads this, May I please give a suggetion? My suggestion for a future photoshoot or video is for you to do your daily full exersizes. I am reffering to jogging, swimming,calisthenics and wieghtlifting.Not only just do it, do it completely with absolutely nothing on your body,COMPLETELY NUDE.

  8. DanTheMan on December 4, 2015: (Reply)

    Can I be your Shrek?

  9. dd.eddie on December 3, 2015: (Reply)

    Well Fiona.. GREAT that you pursue everything; can you please add a 56yo man with limited time that would love to taste and lick your entire body? ANytime even after a workout. I think your biolab can explode how a woman’s sexual fluids will keep an old man alive and stiff at the same time. WOW Beautiful!

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