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FTV Girl Amber Hahn

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Hey Fans of FTV- Here goes my blurb. I will set the tone for you. I am sitting in my cam room (room just for my videos/pics/masturbating/internet surfing) I am drinking my favorite drink in the world, a Venti iced latte from Starbucks, and listening to The Police! SO hi, I am Amber! Amber Hahn. Or Just Amber. Whatever you wish to call me! I answer to most things! LOL. I am so happy that you are checking out my update for FTV. You will notice it was quiet the adventure. As I was detained by the police- blah blah blah.. But this section is about me!! : ) And well, I am a woman so I am happy to type about myself!

Lets see…. I am Amber, ( oh, I said that. hahaha and you can see the title of my update) I am 25 years of age… ( I am getting old, I know this) and I reside in Arizona- Originally a beach bum from the NE coast of Florida!! I moved here 2 years ago because I wanted to be somewhere new- somewhere far away. If you have never visited this state, do it! I know you will enjoy it! So much to do! Spring Training, hiking, Havasu Falls, and The Grand Canyon (to name a few), WHICH IS COOL AS FUCK! Okay. I went a few months ago, IT WAS SNOWING- and I consumed an edible, (marijuana) edible… And I was so paranoid I was going to fall into the canyon. Which lead my to wiki search on how many people have died at the Canyon, google it!!!

Like I said, I am growing up, and saving my money and trying to be more settled. God, did I used to party! LOL. woo. Thinking about young Amber is too funny, but we were all there! Right!?!? Man. hahahaha I am legit LOLing at myself and the things I did.. women. Young women, girls. I did the drugs, fucked the famous guys, had no cares, but there is just nothing solid or pure in that! I can write this and say I am really happy with where I am today!!!!! I am happy to shoot porn! lol. Solo porn! I have a blast preparing for shoots and thinking of ideas for videos….

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  1. dd.eddie on June 16, 2016: (Reply)

    Wish I were famous and met you at the canyon…Not getting older; getting sexier!!! Damn what a sexy tummy!!!

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