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FTV Girl Stacey

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ftv stacey

ftv stacey

ftv stacey

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My trip started with a full day of travel from Tampa to Phoenix. On one of my connecting flights I sat next to a couple that decided to ask me why I was coming to Phoenix. I told them that I was only here for the weekend for a shoot with FTV Girls. Long story short everyone on the back of the plane figured out why I was there. I might’ve been that I had to explain what FTV was to this couple or that I talk too loud and giggle too much…maybe both. After getting off the plane I got my ride back to the FTV house. My night started with the grand tour and continued into a car show. At this car show I had my first experience with public nudity. Walking between cars topless is easier that I thought. After that dinner and some sleep to get ready for the full day of shooting we had planned for the next day. After waking possibly the earliest since high school, 6:30 A.M., the shooting began. We started with some early morning waking up stuff, nothing I’d ever wanted anyone to see me doing or I really expected to be on camera at least. After that we moved into some other random about the house stuff. Also while walking downstairs I saw a giant lizard laying under the table. Having really bad eyesight even with my contacts in I couldn’t tell if it was real or fake. I didn’t want to get close enough if it was real because I’m scared of lizards having been bitten by one before. Needless to say the opportunity couldn’t be passed up to scare the living hell out of me. Oh, and it was all recorded. After my traumatic incident with plastic lizard I got to play with my new red dildo. We dubbed it “Big Red” and I’ll probably never stop calling it that now. Later on in the morning we stopped to go get breakfast and nail polish. When we stopped at a CVS to get the nail polish I got to do some more topless scenes while sitting on top of a wall about 30 feet away from traffic. Like I said there’s nothing like flashing someone for 5 minutes while 30 cars go by. Later we did some shooting at an office building and I have to say there’s really nothing quite like walking around completely naked out in the open in front of a doctor’s office or a bus stop. Another shoot took place in a counseling center. While it was nice to have a reason to dress up and wear my heels, it was almost unbearably hot. Not to mention Rob fell into a cactus and got little needles all over his pants and in his hand. When we got back to the house I was staying out we did some fetish stuff: painting my toenails. I know Rob said the toenail polish I had on was awful but I don’t think I made it any better when I repainted them. I ended up with bright purple nail polish all over my hands and feet. Pretty much most of what I put on didn’t end up on my toenails, just the surrounding areas. Somewhere during the course of the day I started bugging Rob about a ride in the Bugatti. He said he’d cave if I did a fisting scene. Never having fisted before it took some careful consideration to come up with an answer. In the end I decided yes. I mean I would get a ride in the Bugatti. I might not have been a car person when I came to Phoenix but I’m definitely becoming a believer. My first fisting experience was a memorable one. Everything is warm and wet and tight. That’s about the only way to describe what it felt like. Punching your cervix isn’t entirely unpleasant or painful like I thought it was going to be. Overall this trip was an experience and I’m hoping all the people on FTV will like my update and have as much fun with it as I did 🙂

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  2. LAstyle on June 23, 2013: (Reply)

    and don’t put your fist in your pussy. men want to think you’re extra tight and virgin like. leave some imagination.

  3. LAstyle on June 23, 2013: (Reply)

    you’re a sexy lil fuck kitten but u look like every other porn star. add highlights to your hair.

  4. Christian Alexander Tietgen on June 22, 2013: (Reply)


  5. frank on June 6, 2013: (Reply)

    why do u do that to your pussy

  6. dd.eddie on May 11, 2013: (Reply)

    WOW, talk about life experience; I want one too may i taste your fist? and the rest of you too! Love your eyes

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