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ftv arianna

ftv arianna

ftv arianna

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Lost my virginity early in a good way and enjoyed sex ever since. I got very kinky with my ex boyfriend who I met in class. We experimented with bondage, and I even learned how to get fisted. His hand wasn’t too big and I like that pressure feeling. It doesn’t mean I’m loose. People get the wrong impression that if you can fist you’re loose, but you can snap right back especially when I orgasm I tighten up. I like cocks large and thick, not necessarily long. I like the feeling of being stretched out but not deep into my stomach. I love random sex with random guys, and I can get off both masturbating and fucking. I’m just built for sex I guess! All the crazy things I did today was a hell of a lot of fun but I can tell you I was quite sore the next day! It was like getting fucked by a huge dick for a few hours. But that’s how I like it.