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FTV Girl Charlotte

[Total: 408    Average: 3.2/5]

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Model Comments

Hi there, my name is Charlotte! I am a full time student in my second year of college and currently I work full time with two jobs, one of them being my own photography business! I became infatuated with shooting boudoir shoots over the past three years. One day, I was job shadowing a photographer that paid me to be in front of the camera…….. Needless to say, I loved it! I was captivated by the style and art of nude shooting then oddly enough, I ended up becoming a model from then on!

1 Comment for Charlotte

  1. dd.eddie on November 14, 2017: (Reply)
    you are incredible Charlotte

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FTV Girl Winter

[Total: 319    Average: 3.3/5]

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Model Comments

Hi everyone, I had such a fun time doing my first time video. I am 20 years old and new to this industry. I am from a very small town in the upper midwest where a lot of things were considered taboo. Masturbating, being intimate, even giving your significant other a kiss if you were not married was considered taboo.

Before I had worked with FTV, I had modeled for two years prior. Modeling is still one of my favorite things to do, boudior and fine art & fashion are by far my most favorite styles to shoot. Shooting with FTV was very fun and I was very nervous at first. Coming to shoot for them and had never shooting a scene before was very nerve racking. I’ve never modeled nude in public before so I was a lot more cautious about it while shooting for FTV. There was something exciting about it though. The guys I met didn’t seem to mind. One of them gave me his card and said if I wanted a sugar daddy he’s the one! I couldn’t believe he did that right in front of the photographer. Anyway, I was able to get a little more comfortable with videos as the day went on. The masturbation videos weren’t bad, I am just a very shy person. I’m also very tiny and have not had a lot of sexual experience so the masturbation videos were a little scary to me but after I did the first one, the rest went over very well. It did take some time in between shoots though because I am so small and very sensative on my clit. All that masturbating was getting me aroused for something else and I’m not sure if I’m supposed to write about it but it was even better than masturbating even though it made me sore. I’m not used to have that type of experience so often either, at least not in my hometown. The guys there aren’t very cute and act like they’re god’s gift to the world. Rob is very fun to work with though, he makes the models very comfortable he’s very fun to be around.

1 Comment for Winter

  1. dd.eddie on November 14, 2017: (Reply)
    I want to be IN Winter all year long; smokin HOT!

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FTV Girl Leah

[Total: 271    Average: 3.5/5]

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Model Comments

Hey guys its Leah from Arizona, I have just finished my first experience with you all. Let me tell you… it wasn’t what I expected but it was so much more fun then I could have ever imagined! The area I grew up in we did not know anyone who had this kind of fun so I literally had no idea what to expect walking in or anything.

It would be cool if Lia and I went soon to celebrate since she just brought me in under her wing to be apart of this all! She saw me out shooting some pool, which we love to do….and she said I had to come join this FTV Girls family. Can’t wait to see you all again, maybe the first time loosing my virginity I was only 19 but first time loosing my virginity to you all, and I’m 23! Catch you pervs sooner then later I hope!(;

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  1. dd.eddie on November 14, 2017: (Reply)
    Leah me, slay me, make me sizzle and sweat pleasuring you

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FTV Girl Harley & Melody

[Total: 255    Average: 3.2/5]

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Harley’s Comments

Yesterday I met the most perfect girl ever! Her name is melody. When I first heard about melody I was so interested in seeing what she looked like and so I of course had Rob show me pictures, as soon as I saw her I knew I had to meet her! When she got here and I answered the door I was so nervous but as soon as we started talking there was an instant connection. Her voice is so sweet and innocent and her body so cute and petite. I loved everything about her! We started shooting and at first I could tell we were both really nervous to touch each other because we were so excited. Melody had never been with a girl before me so I was basically her first time. We had so much fun together yesterday! Til the next time FTV MUAH!! Harley

Melody’s Comments

When Harley opened the door to greet me I was instantly stunned by her beautiful blonde hair, bright eyes and pretty face. She seemed nervous, but happy about my features as well. Harley led me to her room while we waited for Rob so that we could get to know each other better. Harley was very friendly and easy to talk to. During our wait I learned that Harley has never done a girl on girl shoot before, but has had some lesbian experience off camera. She looked extremely surprised when I told her I had never made love to a woman and I believe she felt honored to be my first. She and I definitely bonded in this experience and will continue getting to know each other off camera!

1 Comment for Harley & Melody

  1. Misterwonderful on December 10, 2017: (Reply)
    Wow, your pussies are dick hardening. But I’m sure you already know that. Would love to see more of you ladies

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FTV Girl Olivia

[Total: 257    Average: 3.1/5]

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Videographer/Photographer’s Comments

When I got her application through the FTVmodeling portal, I thought for sure it was a fake application. She seemed to gorgeous, and when I looked her up to see her modeling page, it was all fashion and high end glamour… hell she even drives a McLaren 650s! But she did reply, and I did confirm that she’s for real. Some more tidbits about her…She’s 19, even though I posted her as 20 on the site (she will be 20 soon enough) but she does have a more mature look to her, so she doesn’t pass as the under 21 type. She’s half Philipina and half Scottish, hence this rather beautiful exotic look.

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    FTV Girl Jessica Kay

    [Total: 203    Average: 3.3/5]

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    Model Comments

    Hey guys! I’m Jessica, Miss Kay if you please. Hehe. I was 19 when my friend told me that she was a webcam model, and how much she loved it. So, one night, I went over to her house and watched her do it. She explained to me the rules, do’s and don’t’s, all that stuff. Then the next day, I made myself an MFC account under the name ‘slavejess’, that was my original camming name. I started out very timid, awkward and uncomfortable with my body. It took only a few hours for me to realize that people seemed to love my look, and my cute shyness. My career quickly developed from me being a vanilla cam model, to getting into BDSM, and more specific fetishes. People came to me with these crazy requests, and I thought, “why not try it!?” After a few months of camming, I decided I wanted to do a professional video shoot. I changed my name to Jessica Kay. I contacted FTV in Arizona, and a month later, I was doing an extreme shoot. That was intense! I had a ton of fun. The challenges I faced and how I was able to push my limits was absolutely incredible to me. Now, I’m much more interested in exploring the porn star side of me. I’m sure I will see you guys in my room on Chaturbate, or on my Skype.

    1 Comment for Jessica Kay

    1. David on February 16, 2018: (Reply)
      Your pussy is good

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    FTV Girl Dani

    [Total: 205    Average: 3.3/5]

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    Model Comments

    Hi, I’m nineteen, finished high school last year and living in icy cold Idaho right now. But I really want to travel and see the country (and maybe the world) and learn more about cultures and places. So I won’t be going to college anytime soon until I’ve done that. My part time jobs are all lame, even my job at American Apparel laid me off because their store is having trouble. I’ve never done any modeling before even though people always say I have a special look to me and I should try modeling but there isn’t anything like that around here. I like my body and I think I’m really good at dancing and I twerk really well so maybe I’ll try exotic dancing for a while. But I was nervous about getting naked in front of people, so I wanted to try something else, and ftvgirls was the website for me to try as a friend of mine kept telling me about it. I really was nervous traveling on my own down to shoot this stuff but it turned out really well and I really loved the pictures. Those of me in my white dress are awesome. I don’t deny it, I had the hots for the photographer. I like older guys, and I liked his arms and his look. There’s nobody cute to fuck in Idaho and since I broke up with my boyfriend I’ve been on edge and I haven’t used Tinder or Bumble to find anyone. A good fuck is what every girl needs, right? So with the orgasms I had because of the vibrators and the good fucking I had because of the photographer, I had a fucking good day. Now, when can I come back?

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      FTV Girl Moka Mora

      [Total: 135    Average: 3.8/5]

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      Model Comments

      Hellooo everyone! Its Moka Mora, I’m so happy to have shot for you guys and I’m really hoping you enjoy it. I’m actually a student and my goal is to be a surgeon, so my days are mostly filled with lectures, studying, homework and well, sex 🙂 I have loved sex for a long time, but I wanted to try adult after a partner of mine suggested I try it. This shoot was amazing. I was definitely very scared for the public stuff that I see on the site, but honestly I ended up loving it! There was even a few points I’m sure we were seen but it was whatever. I got back into the car and I was wet, so what does that tell you? 😉 SO many orgasms this shoot, wow. That toy too, jeez!

      Outside of modeling you can pretty much find me doing school stuff. I do really love dancing, especially going to big music festivals. I’m a hippy at heart I suppose. I am also really into hooping. Its like dance mixed with hula hooping! I have a special hoop that I use. Maybe I can show you sometime 🙂 Muah!

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        FTV Girl Reese

        [Total: 133    Average: 3.3/5]

        ftv reese ass shot

        ftv reese upskirt pussy

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        Model Comments

        I’m a 26 year old graduate student studying psychology in Nebraska. My hopes with my Master’s degree is not to go into the professional psychology field but rather just to understand the human better; therefore allowing me to entirely understand myself, life, and those around me. People mean a lot to me. Not just anyone, but literally everyone. I adore spreading my happiness and positivity daily. I believe that we are the product of how we give to others and how we take care of ourselves. I enjoy long walks on the beach (cliche but totally true) and influencing others around me in positive and gracious ways. My eclectic natures in passions, proficiencies, and skill sets stems from my upbringing.

        To me, greatness is confidence. And exuding confidence within the world attracts success. Another passion of mine is athletics. I grew up challenging myself in a variety of sports, ultimately finding my skills most promising in the water world of diving, synchonized swimming, and water polo. I am a mermaid! The curly haired, dorky, well educated, family-oriented Little Mermaid. But every Disney princess has a dream or two. I lost my viriginity to my best friend ever. He is the most handsome, hard working man I’ve ever known. I was 17 at the time and totally in love with our friendship and the belief that, high school sweethearts totally stay together forever 😉 It was in a parking lot for a sweet 16 birthday party in our triple best friends car. Doesn’t sound too romantic, but it was absolutely 100% heat of the moment type deal. And the best part of it all, was there was no judging and absolute confidence in one another. We both lost it to each other, which is special and unique. Looking back I might say I wish I’d had waited a little longer to know my body and the consequences of sex more thoroughly. However, to be honest, I was so lucky that my first experience was what it was. It was innocent, geniune, and full of love. I think it’s important that sex be full of love.

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          FTV Girl Kimmie & Mackenzie

          [Total: 155    Average: 3.4/5]

          ftv girl on girl teens

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          Model Comments

          Hello guys, My name is Kimmie, This is my first shoot EVER with Ftv. I’m only 18 and I’m a shy California girl that cant get enough of the heat, I love to tan and lay out in the sun. I’m bi-sexual and I like pleasing myself and you guys through the screen. I was a hostess at a restaurant but recently decided to quit my job and take on cam modeling. I’m known to have a crazy wild side. I once streaked at my high schools homecoming football game.

          I guess I’m also supposed to write a bit about why I’m doing this shoot. I’ve been friends with Mackenzie for years. We were in the same high school when I transferred there for my last two years and we stayed in touch when we found out we’d be living close together. We aren’t sexually active together but we’ve kissed before and I’ve touched her boobs once. She’s more the lesbian type when I like guys only but I wanted to try her out especially since she was all into it which made me feel comfortable. It took me a while to figure out if I wanted to shoot this porn but wasn’t sure until I saw her update come on the website and I thought it would be neat if I did one with her too. I hear she is very popular on the website and so I wonder if mine will be the same. I hope you like what you see.

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