FTV Girl Valentina

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ftv valentina

ftv valentina

ftv valentina

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Hi ppl, this is valentina but u can call me tina for short. thats what most ppl call me. my mom who is puerto rican called me by that name and my dad is french. ive been doing dance and gymnastics since i was six but it got serious at fourteen. i love to move, feel the music, stay up late, look up at the stars, travel to new places, and be spontaneous. im cool with gay friends, transsexuals, and ppl who like to have fun and dont pout. i wish i could stay more and do more things but i wasnt around long enough to see more of arizona.

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3 Comments for “FTV Girl Valentina”

  1. Arjun - sexy topless
  2. rj327275@aol.com - Where’s the BUSH??? =(
  3. dd.eddie - you have a Gold medal from me Tina! WOW, i suspected ur someone fit, awesome gymnastics. Split on me would be my dream star