FTV Girl Casy

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ftv casy
FTV girl Casy is the cute and bubbly blonde type from California.
ftv casy
After playing in a public fountain, FTV girl Casy shows off her dripping wet body.
ftv casy
FTV girl Casy spreads her delicious pussy on a park bench downtown.

Model Comments: Well, here I am! I’ve been doing a few nude shoots for fun and portfolio purposes but never real porn. I waited for a long time to do anything like this, I mean I’ve had real jobs all my life. I want to do adult work now, at 24 and its going to help me with college expenses. I usually masturbate more than have sex (because I don’t sleep around) but with a stranger and a camera its much more difficult than I would’ve thought. I have a thing for heels btw, even though they hurt my feet after a while and so I can’t wear them for long. I like how my legs and butt look in them so I do it anyway.

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12 Comments for “FTV Girl Casy”

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