FTV Girl Nikkie

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ftv girl nikkie
18 year old FTV Girl Nikkie is from Detroit, on her way to Los Angeles to try to be a pornstar!
ftv girl nikkie
Even as a teen, FTV Girl Nikkie is extremely naughty, and wants to be a slut on camera.
ftv girl nikkie
These are the first adult pics for FTV Girl Nikkie, but look for her coming up in hardcore sex videos for sure!

Model Comments: Hey you all :O) This will be my first shooting porn and I’ve got another one next week. I flew all the way from Detroit (yeah long ways away :)) and I’m going to stay in LA to try my way in modeling (I was sorta staying in Oregon too). Worked at McDonalds until just last week when I quit to come to LA. I want to make some real money so I can buy cute clothes and also get some dental work done. So yeah, I love to masturbate (and love sex too) and I’d say the best way to cum is in the bathtub. I never get enough of it! If I’m turned on, I get very wet and I guess you call it squirting 😛 I’ve always been super wet when I get turned on and make a mess on my bed if I’m masturbating outside of the bathroom!

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15 Comments for “FTV Girl Nikkie”

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