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FTV Girl Athena & Mindy

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athena & mindy

athena & mindy

athena & mindy

Athena’s Comments:

Hi there, Im Athena. I am 21 years old and born in phoenix arizona. I was raised half of my life there and the other half in San Antonio, Texas. Where they say everything is bigger, which is true… Today was my first day shooting, and I got the pleasure of doing it with Rob for FTV girls. I went with my cousin Mindy and it wasn’t as awkward as we thought it was going to be. Everything was explained well and poses werent difficult. I honestly think the hardest part was to stop over-thinking everything. It was my first time kissing a female, who happened to be my cousin haha and also i had never used the kind of toys we used in the videos. Which of course were great. It was a long day but very productive and I’m glad Mindy and I had such an easygoing first shoot. Can’t wait to do more!

Mindy’s Comments

Hello my name is Mindy, and I am 19 years old from Phoenix Arizona. Recently I have moved to san antonio, texas for college. My first photo shoot was today and I loved every minute of it! just being in front of the camera was fun. my cousin and I were shot together so it made it easier for me. everything was well explained and the photographer was funny and easy to be around, he made the shoot interesting.And most of all he wasnt creepy. We were very skeptical in the beginning though not going to lie but in the end im glad we did it. I can not wait to do this again sometime!:)

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  1. dd.eddie on June 8, 2015: (Reply)

    Goshes you both as so fuking hot, godesses! And being cousins makes it even hotter. wish more would be posted

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