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FTV Girl Demi

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For people that don’t know me I come off really serious, I’m very into being an all around sweet person, once someone gets to know me more in depth I’m super silly, sarcastic, I can get into people’s head in a positive way. I love to get down to root of things so if someone is mysterious I’m pretty good a pealing away the layers, people are always opening up to me I listen. When I’m alone and not working, I love cleaning and organizing my apartment, or throwing on a face mask and drink a glass of wine or vodka depending what mood I’m in. I rarely get upset I feel like it ages me. People tend to think I’m younger than I really am, because I come off really “innocent” lol which i think is really funny because little do they know I’ll choke on my boyfriends dick for 20 min while I ride his face. my personal interest include reading tarot, shopping, going on long hikes, or finding new music for my playlists. I have a lot of fun, I’m fortunate I live in one of the best in the cities in the country the weather is perfect so I can go enjoy a beach day with friends, go for a bike ride, there’s so much great food here. There’s still so much about me that makes me the confident person I am, of course I still have normal insecurities but all around I’m pretty grounded and know how to make myself feel good.

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  1. Andy C on March 20, 2024: (Reply)

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  2. Anonymous on December 8, 2021: (Reply)

    You’re the best. I saw you for the first time on a site where girls where flashing their tits. You are stunning!!!!!!! What a body!!!!!!!!!

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