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There are a number of things that make someone who they are, like their skills, temperment, how they treat others, and their interests. I feel like most of these are better observed than told. Interests, however, are things to be told, things to talk about. It’s hard to convey exactly who I am through writing, but maybe I can tell you a little about the things that bring me life. Things like cute women, curling up with a fantasy novel, playing with dogs, or perhaps my favorite subject…

My favorite interest and hobby is gaming. That doesn’t mean I’m “hardcore” about it, or that I love every and all type of game, but it means that when I want to spend a little “me” time, I turn on my console (sorry PC lovers). Really, though, there’s nothing wrong with PC gaming, I just don’t have the computer for it and I prefer controllers. I remember when got my xbox and a copy of Halo 2 (I did go back and play the first later). I had played some games before on the computer, or on my friends’ nintendos (like Super Smash), and while I enjoyed those, it was not like this. I was hooked. I would spend every weekend staying up with my best friend until daybreak playing the game. I remember getting the special Spartan edition 360 when it came out. My game interests have changed now. I’m not sure what it was about Halo that really gripped me. It might have been the first person perspective that made it really feel like it was me.

I no longer need the first person perspective to feel like a character is me or at least feel like the character is a PART of me. Some games feel that way without it, and some don’t feel that way with it. Despite the feeling first coming from a first person shooter, I rarely go for those anymore. I’ve become obsessed with open-world exploration, or at least games with decision making. Non-linear, if you will. That love was kindled when I played Fable, and grew into a roaring fire when I discovered Morrowind (total customization–and if you’ve played Skyrim you should really play–it’s a little outdated now but even better). I even left the sci-fi and fantasy realms and enjoyed myself in the present era, playing games like Grand Theft Auto, or went a little back in the past for Red Dead Redemption.

I did have one PC game that got me obsessed, and that was Guild Wars. Playing that made me realize how much I love having an online community, and that love sent me back online searching for more. I didn’t always have all that many (IRL) friends, but when I had an online community, I had people to go talk to or joke around with. I found my place in a chat room based in a flash-game site eventually. I was actually just on the site to play a game when I noticed the sidebar. I’ve been a part of that room for 5 years now, and during those years we would all video chat with each other off-site. What I started noticing eventually (and when I was finally single), was that I would get excited by people watching me, and if it was just a few people I knew, I would be very teasing and flirty, leading up to flashing, nudity, and then more. I got told “you should really try nude modeling”, nude modeling!!!?

I visited a cam site before out of curiousity, but I never really saw it as an option for myself. After watching cams for a bit and getting a feel for it, I started looking around at other websites for nude modeling. The scariest part was contacting a few websites and seeing what they say. After I got some responses, I picked the one I liked the best. Which is this website. I liked how glamorous the photos looked and how naturally pretty the girls are.

Basically what I’m saying is that gaming, in a roundabout way, is responsible for me being naked on the internet and for what you’re seeing right now.

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  1. dd.eddie on March 30, 2016: (Reply)

    Alana, TY you and your gaming past and present.. Love games that make me think.. I wish there with a game with you and how I get you as a ‘real’ prize.. Love your eyes & azz

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