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FTV Girl Saraya & Chloe

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Saraya’s Comments

I had the pleasure of meeting Chloe when we were very young girls. She had a laugh and smile that could light up a room, she was the very embodiment of fire and everyone wanted to get closer to her to feel the warmth. However she has a feisty side to, and just like fire when she gets mad she burns everything she touches. I was drawn to her passion and adventurous spirit. We traveled the world together, hiking camping and exploring within our own sexuality. Me and Chloe grew closer as we grew up and started to experiment with each other and one thing led to another. We are all about feelings and sensations, we don’t label ourselves to one orientation but rather, we like what we like and right now thats each other.

What I love most about Chloe is that not only is she sexy and charming but I feel like I can trust her with anything. She is always honest and truthful, which I value so much in a relationship. She always keeps her promises and I know I can count on her for anything and everything. This weekend was an amazing time spent, hiking, bonding and growing closer then every before. I really feel like I got to know Chloe inside and out this trip and like our relationship got taken to new depths, previously unexplored. Overall I’m really excited for whats in store for Chloe and I, because when the two of us are together nothing seems or feels impossible.

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