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FTV Girl Blaire

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Model Comments

My shoot with FTV girls has honestly been really fun. I learned a lot about myself and my body… I didn’t know my vaginal muscles were so strong! Or that I could do tricks with them, for that matter. I had always read about Keagals but didn’t know what they meant when they said to flex the muscles you use when peeing. I also didn’t know that I could make myself orgasm, since I never had before this shoot. That video on the couch was my first time ever making myself orgasm. Kind of awesome, and I’m kind of in love with that toy now. I also liked playing with the bigger toys, even though they were kind of intimidating at first. It was just cool seeing what I could do, learning new tricks. My least favorite was when we tried to shoot a dancing video. I’ve never been much of a dancer (yes I know. The only stripper that can’t dance.. laughing my butt off. Ha.), so it was even more difficult and nerve-wrecking to dance on camera. Rob commented on how funny it was. Putting an eggplant in my vagina on camera, sure. Dancing for 5 minutes on camera? Screw that. It got to the point where I thought it was kind of funny when people saw us shooting in public, and I liked it in a goofy way. Basically, the whole shoot was a very freeing experience, and all in all, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

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  1. dd.eddie on August 31, 2016: (Reply)

    Never seen comments change before; these are so hot. I wish you experimented on my tongue with your vag muscles

  2. dd.eddie on August 27, 2016: (Reply)

    WOw Blaire I can empathize with your story so far.. I met many women in the same situation AND spoke with, and helped them as they danced. We worked on classes and several are nurses and a bartender even. You are so beautiful within for all you experienced.. and I must admit I surely love your classy chassis also

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