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FTV Girl Brooke

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Model Comments

Hello! My name is Brooke, I flew into Phoenix AZ all the way from the midwest, excited to step outside my comfort zone and have some naughty fun with FTV! Ive been a sexual person from a very young age, in the video you’ll hear me extend on that subject about my first times masturbating! Ive been drawn to all sorts of sexual activites before even knowing why or what they necessarily were, in the past I’ve even felt a sense of guilt for what I instinctively enjoyed. Given the typical patterns of living in society, going to college, getting married, buying a house, popping out some kids ect. It took me some time to come to terms with the reality that I’m not going to feel fulfilled enough by this, and that in order to reach my happiness potential, I needed to pursue something that was percieved unordinary, taboo, socially unaccepatable…I really just wanted to have sex with myself on camera! This desire eventually became more important to me than any persons opinion so I decided to do some research. After some time exploring the world of the internets, because we all know everything can be found there, including computer viruses I attempted to dodge in search of my scandalous outlet, I stumbled across FTV Girls. I was so excited and anxious on the plane ride here, I didn’t realize I would randomly be smiling at moments and the people around me probably thought I had a vibrating pen in my pocket…or I was just weird.

FTV and I did some things I found to be questionable and didn’t understand at first, but I was excited to try them out, shortly after discovering the pleasure and appeal in it all. It was a thrill to get naughty with the camera in public places, with the anticipation that a stranger, local worker or security guard could turn the corner at any given moment! I am a bit shy throughout but open up a bit as the day goes on, one orgasm at a time. When I’m not having orgasms by touching myself and playing with new toys, I enjoy being a bit of a nerd with my comic books and drawing in photoshop. I also spend a good amount of time doing yoga, cooking with my family, gaming with my friends, seeing the latest Sci-fi movie in theaters and having conversations with my cat. I love the outdoors and finding new spots to explore, from abandoned buildings to hidden hiking trails. In my future I would love to be an illustrator, with work in comic books of my favorite publishers, such as Virtigo and Marvel. I am destined to live my live as a human cat, being the homebody that I am, nestled in a cozy spot with tea, art supplies and of course, my hitachi wand. I hope you all enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed being a part of it!

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4 Comments for Brooke

  1. The incredible man on April 5, 2016: (Reply)

    You are so Beautiful. I want to fuck you and have sex with you in the position of the cowboy. After you feel my penis in your pussy, do not you come back to use toys.

  2. dd.eddie on February 21, 2016: (Reply)

    Beautiful and sexy Brooke; I could never sketch to capture your beauty in pencil, charcoal or even a 3D printer (but would love your specs)!

  3. Anonymous on February 21, 2016: (Reply)

    great girl…detailed stories and great personality, awesome ass… looked super-cute with her glasses and library books.

  4. Christian Alexander Tietgen on February 20, 2016: (Reply)


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