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FTV Girl Cass

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im part cuban, scottish, german, and irish! i lost my virginity a few days before my 18th birthday with my steady bf at the time. I used to hate my body. I would think about it all the time and how i wanted to be better and prettier and have bigger boobs. but then one day it hit me, none of that shit matters!! and from that day forward, i learned to love myself, and my body, just the way it is. : )

my most memorable sex act is the time a guy and i were about to get it on, and he took my panties off, smelled them, and then sucked on my toes! it was wild, unexpected, and i loved it! i have many unfufilled fantisies, but being in porn makes them a reality! every day on set is a new experience and i love it. what i look for in a lover is someone who is strong, rough hands, i love to be thrown around like a doll haha so the stronger you are, the better. i dont think of anything when i masterbate, im usually watching porn ; )

I had a great time shooting for FTV. eric and the crew made me feel so comfortable and i could be my total (weirdo) self on set : ) i had a lot of firsts while shooting with FTV like putting a golfball in my vag and shooting it into a hole..Birdie!! i alos had never stuck anything up inside myself other than toys, my fingers, and dick, but today i was brave a tried something new. a cucumber!! and then i ate it afterwards! lol!! lots of firsts, and lots of fun! I would absolutley come back to shoot for FTV again!! especially because i like to flash my lady bits in public ; ) thank you eric for a fun and exciting filled day!! cant wait for more : )

Update: Cass started her porn career as Cassidy Klein and a few times changed her porn name to Bridget Bond.

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  1. dd.eddie on August 10, 2015: (Reply)

    Cass the woman with the AWESOME ASS! Picture 3 disrupted my senses into chaos! WOW! and girl i would eat anything from any hole.. have you tried peeled hardboiled eggs? with your salty sweetness..DIVINE!

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