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FTV Girl Meagan & Sophia

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ftv girls

ftv girls

Sophia’s Comments

I’m Sophia, and my experience with today’s FTV shoot, was a good one. I really liked the girl I shot with- Meagan. She was very energetic and kept good vibes. 🙂 The shoot was a long one. We met Meagan and the airport around morning time when she arrived. I was really surprised when she walked up. I thought I was short?! She is way shorter! And not to mention she looks like Megan Fox. I felt like a weirdo because I kept staring at her! I don’t know how she looks on camera, but she looks like her even more in person. She even makes the same facial expressions, it’s creepy weird. But cool in a way, it’s like I hung with Megan Fox for the day, lol. I guess that’s why her name’s Meagan. Completely flew over my head at first but now I see why, haha. At the start of our shoot, we got trespassing violations at the mall! The photographer tried to get video of the officer talking to Meagan and I, but the video didn’t come out very good. We are all banned for a year! A girl’s gotta have her mall. ): But I never went there anyway so who cares right? Lol. Anyway, I tried out a bunch of new things today. Most of the shoot was stuff I’d never done before. The feet fetish was a little funny. If you’ve ever had your toe sucked, you’ll know how bad it tickles. It’s like a full on orgasm on your toe! I liked the strap on. It was fun, makes you feel in control! Must suck for guys, I only used it a couple minutes and was aching. I liked using it, but didn’t like it being used on me, haha. Just like I liked fisting a girl but didn’t like being fisted. Definitely never fisted a girl before. And being fisted, well it hurt like crap! I used the Hitachi to numb out my vagina so I wouldn’t feel it. Her fist is small but so is my vagina, hahah. I don’t think I would’ve got it in if she didn’t pull a slick one on me and shove it in, lol. So thanks to her I’m no virgin to fisting anymore. Don’t think I’ll be doing it again anytime soon though. And the fisting about wrapped up our shoot for the day. I had fun. Always do with my FTV shoots. 🙂

Megan’s Comments

Today i shot for First Time Videos for the second time and it was wonderful! When i talk about FTV to people i tell them that it was one of my favorite shoots because of the uniqueness and how fun it is ! The photographer really makes me feel very comfortable and makes me feel like im able to be myself. I hope i come back for a third time ! Today i hung out with Sophia and she was a fun, sweet girl. She was a little shy, but that never bothers me . It gives me more of a challenge to make the person as comfortable as i can because i love to see a shy person come out of their shell ! Sophia and I did mulitiple unique things, with of course the assistance of the photographer:)

First, Sophia and the photographer had picked me up from the airport and from the airport we went to the mall. Me and Sophia were making out and of course showing some skin for the camera ! We had finished the scenes we needed but realized we needed to redo a scene because we faced the wrong way at one point and all you could see was the back of my head . So as me and Sophia walk out the mall holding hands, and the photog was over the wall recording, we see a cop come up to the back of him and ask him what hes doing ! Sophia and I stop what were doing and continue to walk to the photog and the cop so we could help explain what the recording was for…and the cop was not to fond of the idea. He was on a power trip, even though he probably watches porn himself. The cop ended up giving all three of us a notice that we were banned from the mall for 1 year ! Which doesnt really affect me much sence i live in California, but i felt bad for the photographer!

After the mall we went to a friends house , their we took some pictures and got a little frisky with some oral sex and making out ! Oh and of corse i cant forget about the hitachi experience, i orgasmed about 9 times and as i was orgasming Sophia was fingering me and had managed to get her whole fist inside me without me realizing ! Which isnt really a shocker sence i was able to get my own fist inside myself previously when i had worked for first time videos. but the experience was great! Even better the second time !

The third thing we did was go out for some lunch , after all that climaxing i had seriously worked up a hunger . We went to some place with burritos but i cant seem to remember the name of it right now, all i remember is how good it was on my empty belly ! After lunch it was back to work but we still get to play 😉

My first time using a strap on is definently one im going to remember, i now know what its like to be a guy ! Its ALOT of hard work, but kind of addicting . Its hard not to just pound the girl even when she says stop , its HOT and i dont look to bad with a penis if i do say so myself ! haha

After all the fun, we did a cute little scene for all you foot lovers out there ! I hope you enjoy it, i couldnt stop laughing sence my feet are so ticklish , but it was lots of fun. Expessially getting toe fucked. I learned how flexible i was during that scene . I didnt know i could touch my feet together to the top of my head ! But i seem to learn alot of things i didnt know i could do here. I love challenging my self and feeling new sensations, its increadible all the sensations a human body can feel just by the touch of themselves or another human being.

Soooo my favorite part of the day was the very last part, when i took Sophias…. fisting virginity ! Yes, thats right, i , Megan have taken a girls fisting virginity . It felt special in some weird way, to be able to show someone else what their own body can do and feel like. It was a very proud moment for me, and probably very surprising to Sophia ! She seemed to like it… i think. Although, she seemed like it was a tight squeeze to . Which it was.. but it was an accomplished mission, thats all that counts !:)

First Time Videos was great the first time i was here, and even better the second time . I love the experience and the fun uniqueness about it . Its a very comfortable enviroment and i hope to do more. Thankyou for watching and thankyou for reading this !

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2 Comments for Meagan & Sophia

  1. mike on May 15, 2015: (Reply)

    Wow. 2 very beautiful and sexy lady’s. Hope to see a lot more of you two. €=8

  2. dd.eddie on April 6, 2015: (Reply)

    Wow, i wish i was there to eat a couple of knuckle sandwiches. Sophia you are SCRUMPTIOUS! 😀

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