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FTV Girl Belicia

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Im very open minded, free spirited and adventurous, id like to say.I absolutely love roller coasters. Anything that has to do with a thrill, im more than up for. Going rock climbing on a sunny summer day aswell.Im up for any adventure as long as Im getting a thrill out of it. Although alot of the times i may be scared of falling of the rock or some stupid superstition about roller coasters braking down and throwing all of its passengers off. I like cuddling when im watching a scary movie, which by the way i love scary movies. My mother and step father are in the medical field, and keep on routing me on to be an xray technitian. While on the other hand my father wants me to do what makes me happy, which i totally agree. I love the stars and learning how they have certain reigns on our emotions. You’ll most likely find me often asking many questions to random people just because i like to hear other peoples opinions. I value other peoples opinions. And i love everything life has to offer. Im ready for anything life shoots at me, wether its some rain or some sun. You’ll never see me down. Staying positive is my motive, whether it be for myself or others.

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3 Comments for Belicia

  1. j smith on April 4, 2015: (Reply)

    smoking hot babe.

  2. dd.eddie on January 26, 2015: (Reply)

    oops, too much blood and gore in early days of xray techs. bottom of the pole to start. yuck

  3. dd.eddie on January 26, 2015: (Reply)

    BEAUTIFUL! Xray tech, no… dental technician YES. You would calm anyone with your beauty and + attitude. Your eyes 10!

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