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FTV Girl Melody and Lena

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ftv melody and lena
FTV girls Melody and Lena are brought back to shoot a special Hawaii update.
ftv melody and lena
The girls take the opportunity to kiss and flash all over the island.
ftv melody and lena
Back in the hotel room, FTV Melody and FTV Lena please each other in various ways…

Melody’s Comments: I’ve been so excited about this shoot that I’ve been telling my family, and posting on my twitter for 2 months about it! I hadn’t met Lena until we saw each other at the airport but I had seen her photos Rob sent me so I knew what she looked like. She’s crazier than me with the public stuff its like she doesn’t care if she gets caught at all!

Lena’s Comments: Well guys, thanks for bringing me back, what, its like my 5th shoot now? Melody is a nice girl still young and a bit naiive with the adult business but she has a head on her shoulders and really does enjoy what she does. Some girls go through the motions but she’s always excited about anything we did and everywhere we went. I think me and Melody really hit it off after we got our clothes off and started visiting the rocky areas and really got to loosen up by touching each other. I love girls as much as guys and it turns me on to touch firm bodies like hers.

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Melody and Lena

2 Comments for Melody and Lena

  1. bill on February 16, 2013: (Reply)

    i want to see them eat each other out

  2. dd.eddie on December 30, 2012: (Reply)

    An awesome match made in HOTNESS! You bodies compliment eachother. And mm i bet your tastes are a match too., WOW 😀

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