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FTV Girl Gracie

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Model Comments: People always ask me, how did I end up in porn? I’m just VERY sexual, and the more I do it, the more I enjoy it. Even if I’ve had sex that day, I’ll still masturbate to help me go to sleep. You guys do that too, don’t you? I mean this site is for masturbating. So you watch me and masturbate while I cum, and we both are satisfied.

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13 Comments for Gracie

  1. Christian Alexander Tietgen on March 20, 2014: (Reply)

    Nice face

  2. on December 19, 2011: (Reply)

    perfect holes

  3. toy lover on October 19, 2011: (Reply)

    what a hot babe. perfect tits and pussy

  4. SKI on June 28, 2011: (Reply)


  5. i.m.guna jiz on September 23, 2010: (Reply)

    Your face is enchanting!

  6. bad boy on August 10, 2010: (Reply)

    i want to put my cock your pussy

  7. on August 10, 2010: (Reply)

    She’s pretty but she loses a point for not having any pubic hair.

  8. madi on June 23, 2010: (Reply)

    gorguse girl.i’m dying to lick her ass hole.want her pussy also

  9. Big Boy on June 14, 2010: (Reply)

    She could use some pubic hair.

  10. ff on June 12, 2010: (Reply)

    i want to fuck you

  11. vais on June 11, 2010: (Reply)

    love u so….. much

  12. swede on March 16, 2010: (Reply)

    Mmm, nice pussy

  13. DD.EDDIE on March 12, 2010: (Reply)

    Now I know why I should say GRACIE for each and every meal!

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