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FTV Girl Wendy

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FTV Wendy
FTV Wendy

Model Comments: What a new experience! I’m the type of person who is usually down for anything and will try things once no matter what. I’m really open sexually and FTV was a great place to show that. I actually spotted out FTV a long time ago when I heard some news about a certain Lamborghini and the guys website : >. It wasn’t until months later that I figured I’d apply. I am a local Arizonian so I figured what the heck. When I got to the house where we were going to shoot I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I had previewed FTV and seen that there are girl girl shoots and I am really into girls so I was kind of hoping that one would be there for me to fool around with. Since there wasn’t I turned to the toys to have some fun. At first I was super nervous about having a camera watch me get myself off but once I started masturbating it was as if no one was even in the room. My orgasms were amazing and the new toys that Rob had brought were the right size for me. I used one that had a thing that swirls around in it and it was intense and gave me really strong orgasms. Im a really quiet girl unless I get really warmed up to whoever im hanging out with so at first im really shy but eventually towards the end of the shoot I come out of my shell. People usually call me a hermit because im so shy! For outfits I brought some of my favorite sexy get ups. Including slip on dresses that show off my nice ass J. I love getting dressed up and will use any excuse to get all done up and go out and have guys stair at me. Usually when I go out it will just be me and the girls and we all wear outfits that make guys turn their heads. I wanted to make sure I showed that to FTV members. I wore sexy heels and pulled up my dress to show everything. I am really proud of my nice firm ass so I hope you enjoy the sneak peak!

We took a lunch break and went and had some philly cheese steak sandwiches and got to learn more about FTV. After lunch we went out and did some public nudity stuff which I have never done before! It was a rush and had my blood flowing but at the same time I really enjoyed it! Being super into cars I was excited to get a ride in the GTR. At the gas station I take a second to get out and pose showing everything to the camera (including a taxi cab driver pulling in) whoops! Heehe Back at the shoot location I was ready to go at it again. Being super sexual I had no problem having another orgasm on the floor in the kitchen. Sometimes during the day I’ll be sitting around and just get horny so I usually finger myself or have sex with my boyfriend. Since he wasn’t there I had no choice but to pleasure myself in front of the camera. Overall I was really impressed with FTV. I have never had pictures of this kind of quality taken of me. I was actually turned on by myself.. Imagine that! Hopefully I get to come back for a part 2 with a girl girl sexual scene for the members to see.

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6 Comments for Wendy

  1. on May 9, 2013: (Reply)

    Thanks for adding excitement to our day Wendy. Great shot of you opening your labia! Thanks for posting it.

  2. Christian Alexander Tietgen on July 18, 2011: (Reply)

    I wouldn’t be turned on by doing such a shoot. She’s beautiful though.

  3. Lee on January 17, 2010: (Reply)

    wow I am craving some of yo chunky monkey

  4. matt on October 8, 2009: (Reply)

    very very hot… I love to eat and fuck that pussy…. 🙂

  5. Joe on June 30, 2009: (Reply)

    Beautiful Body.Nice Tits and Nipples.Sweet Pussy.

  6. zx25 on June 11, 2009: (Reply)


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