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FTV Girl Kenna

[Total: 216    Average: 3.8/5]
ftv kenna flashing

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Model Comments

Recently i got the amazing opportunity to shoot for ftv girls and its been the most incredible and fun job experience by far! I loved the outdoor scenes and just being in public turned me on so much since I like to be watched. I was so happy and excited to get to shoot scenes similar to those I would watch on my own before getting into this type of work. I got to try SO many things Ive never had the chance to try before and loved every second of shooting. There were just so many fun things that I had always wanted to be able to experience and thanks to this shoot I not only got to experience them but, I got to do them in super cool places and be watched while it was happening! Definitely one of the most fun weekends I’ve ever had, hands down!

3 Comments for Kenna

  1. Christian Alexander Tietgen on June 22, 2016: (Reply)
    Beautiful face
  2. Eddie on June 21, 2016: (Reply)
    LOVE YOUR ASSHOLE, it looks like it needs a TONGUE BATH
  3. dd.eddie on June 21, 2016: (Reply)
    Kenna, may I say that what I see is near perfection; OMG for just a chance to feel the heat from your body, and smell your essence.. what a dream body!!

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FTV Girl Amber Hahn

[Total: 275    Average: 3.7/5]
amber hahn upshot

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amber hahn bent over

Model Comments

Hey Fans of FTV- Here goes my blurb. I will set the tone for you. I am sitting in my cam room (room just for my videos/pics/masturbating/internet surfing) I am drinking my favorite drink in the world, a Venti iced latte from Starbucks, and listening to The Police! SO hi, I am Amber! Amber Hahn. Or Just Amber. Whatever you wish to call me! I answer to most things! LOL. I am so happy that you are checking out my update for FTV. You will notice it was quiet the adventure. As I was detained by the police- blah blah blah.. But this section is about me!! : ) And well, I am a woman so I am happy to type about myself!

Lets see…. I am Amber, ( oh, I said that. hahaha and you can see the title of my update) I am 25 years of age… ( I am getting old, I know this) and I reside in Arizona- Originally a beach bum from the NE coast of Florida!! I moved here 2 years ago because I wanted to be somewhere new- somewhere far away. If you have never visited this state, do it! I know you will enjoy it! So much to do! Spring Training, hiking, Havasu Falls, and The Grand Canyon (to name a few), WHICH IS COOL AS FUCK! Okay. I went a few months ago, IT WAS SNOWING- and I consumed an edible, (marijuana) edible… And I was so paranoid I was going to fall into the canyon. Which lead my to wiki search on how many people have died at the Canyon, google it!!!

Like I said, I am growing up, and saving my money and trying to be more settled. God, did I used to party! LOL. woo. Thinking about young Amber is too funny, but we were all there! Right!?!? Man. hahahaha I am legit LOLing at myself and the things I did.. women. Young women, girls. I did the drugs, fucked the famous guys, had no cares, but there is just nothing solid or pure in that! I can write this and say I am really happy with where I am today!!!!! I am happy to shoot porn! lol. Solo porn! I have a blast preparing for shoots and thinking of ideas for videos….

1 Comment for Amber Hahn

  1. dd.eddie on June 16, 2016: (Reply)
    Wish I were famous and met you at the canyon…Not getting older; getting sexier!!! Damn what a sexy tummy!!!

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FTV Girl Aurora

[Total: 183    Average: 3.4/5]
ftv aurora naked rollerskating

ftv aurora monster dildo

ftv aurora tennis pussy

Model Comments

Born in Germany and raised in Las Vegas, I grew up with my first language being Russian. Aside from my cultural diversity I have a passion for traveling. I’ve been to Russia, Germany, Austria, Check of Republic, Italy, France, Spain, and so many places around Europe. My career dream is to become a well known nude model in Europe. What I liked most about my shoot was rollerskating naked. Doing daring things like that in public makes me shy and nervous and getting out of my comfort zone is what I’m about. I would do it again, with someone else would be even more fun! I also really liked playing tennis and fucking the tennis racquet, that felt kind of painful but pleasurable at the same time. I didn’t like that my pussy was too tight for some of the toys I really wanted to play with, but better luck next time! And lastly I enjoyed working with such an easy going fun guy like Rob, he definitely made it all worthwhile!

1 Comment for Aurora

  1. dd.eddie on June 10, 2016: (Reply)
    you are my kind of Aurora to cherish viewing all night long… beautiful… ya makin me hard thinking about ‘ too tight for toys’

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FTV Girl Alexia & Nina North

[Total: 258    Average: 3.3/5]
ftv alex & nina beach bunnies

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Alexia’s Comments

Hi I’m Alexia! I was so excited to shoot for FTV again and especially because I got to do so with the beautiful Nina North. Nina and I have become such amazing friends over the past two years, but we had never done anything more than kiss until this shoot. Being able to share orgasms with her brought us closer than ever… literally! While shooting my solo for FTV a few months ago, I used a hitachi for the first time. I thought it was the most intense orgasm I had ever had! But it was one-uped by my new found love, the vibra king toy! That thing was insane! It was such a powerful orgasm that my whole body was shaking! It was one of those things where I needed to focus on holding it on my clit because my natural instinct was to turn it off. That double sided dildo in the master bedroom was interesting too. I saw this European girl post a pic of that postion I had always wanted to try it. It was super hot and I think it looked good, but didn’t feels so good on my back! Another thing was Eric gave me the camera when he want downstairs and we did a POV scene using the double dildo and Nina came again haha I don’t know how she does it back to back like that. I was happy that I could still fist myself! I think I got a little tighter or maybe I just needed to warm up more, but hey it went in! The flashing at the golf course was pretty funny LOL the guys were basically just staring and not even playing golf after we had our boobs out. One even said thank you! I was really excited when I heard we were going to the beach. I always love the beach but even being in LA so much now its hard to get down to the beach with my schedule. Nina and I ended the day with yet another amazing orgasm on the beach. Im pretty sure you could totally see what we were doing and there was this super cute couple taking photos together. Anyways, thanks for having me again and I really hope you all enjoy the shoot!

Nina’s Comments

Hey it’s Nina North! I’m back for more of course. I was so happy to shoot with FTV girls again and my lovely and gorgeous friend Alexia. We had so much fun going on awesome and not to mention orgasmic adventures these last two days. Playing around with her was definitely the best time. One of the highlights was hitachi torture! For whatever reason it feels SO good to get close, then start again. It kind of builds up to a stronger orgasm when you finally are allowed to cum! I was really happy that I was able to take Alex’s fist, although I swear even with her smaller hand it was SO tight! Maybe I got tighter or something, but either way it was a challenge that was fun. Flashing our tits to those men playing golf was my favorite part. The look on their faces was hilarious! Its always those types of guys that love to see the boobs. Which is why I don’t understand why I was so nervous! Like a couple of old golfers are really going to get mad about seeing two girls flash their boobs! It was such crazy fun! Alexia and I came so many times during this shoot and the vibra king was absolutely addicting. I need to find one of those asap! Ending the day with an orgasm on the beach and the sunset in the background was indescribable. I didn’t think we would be doing masturbation at the beach with people around! I figured it would be like, pretty pictures of something haha but hey, its FTV, I should have known that I would be doing naughty things in public like that! That’s why I love FTV, its just… different than shooting stuff in a room with lights. Our photographer showed us some pics on the back of his camera and I really felt proud of the stuff we shot. Plus being with Alex made the whole things so much fun! I would shoot with FTV a million times again! And again! And Again! xoxo

3 Comments for Alexia & Nina North

  1. Randy Bob . on June 20, 2016: (Reply)
    You hold it open and I will stick my hard cock up your wet hole
  2. dd.eddie on May 30, 2016: (Reply)
    Alexia & Nina I would love to join you both for some yoga workouts… I would love some playful pointers from you both
  3. mrlac35@gmail.com on May 26, 2016: (Reply)
    Sweet 2for

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FTV Girl Katie

[Total: 329    Average: 3.7/5]
public nipple slip

upskirt in park

beautiful pussy lips

Model Comments

I am from the East Coast and moved West for new beginnings, I think it’s a great location. So many opportunities to be taken out here, and I plan on taking all I can get! I want to be successful and independent. Something I always have been, but I can always expand on that. I live to constantly better myself, even though I am happy with who I am! I have a free spirit and a positive attitude at all times. I believe that is how you live life to the fullest.

I love meeting people and making new friends, being outgoing and friendly is a top priority in life and I strive to strengthen my confidence by making others smile, it’s what makes me smile! I really enjoy learning about other cultures and views. When someone has lived a completely different life than me, I really like to understand why they think and live the way they do. that makes you a well rounded person!

In my free time I like to stay in shape and get outdoors. Hiking, yoga, pilates, and even stripping classes are some of my favorite things to do with friends! I cook all my own meals and eat very clean. Like I said, I live to better myself in every way, mentally and physically!

I have 3 beautiful dogs, they’re my weakness. If you have a dog I will probably be your best friend immediatly, or walk up and talk to you even if I don’t know you. Oh, and I cook all my dog’s meals too! Lol.

I am a very busy person between work and staying healthy, so I enjoy going out with my friends and making crazy memories on the weekends! If you go out with me, we’re bound to have some epic memories.

Overall, I am just your regular girl next door, trying to live life to the fullest and be the happiest person I can be, as well as making others around me enjoy life the best they can. I hope I can put a smile on your face! 😉

3 Comments for Katie

  1. Anonymous on May 1, 2016: (Reply)
    show us more
  2. dd.eddie on May 1, 2016: (Reply)
    My face is hurting from smiling so hard! you a are beautiful and I think perfect… and yes, I cook ‘Cupcake’ my yorkie her chicken and rice..
  3. Brian84smith on May 1, 2016: (Reply)
    Wow very sexy babe

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FTV Girl Misty

[Total: 239    Average: 3.5/5]
public upskirt

upskirt peeks

public nudity girl

Model Comments

I started modeling full time a little over a month ago and it has taken me to some amazing places! Just within the time that I started traveling I’ve been all over the United States and even to the Carribean! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think any of this would ever happen! I grew up in Texas and didn’t really get to see much of the world until I started modeling! Ever since I was a teenager I would practice poses and I fantasized about becoming a model. I loved looking at artistic nudes and I would hoard pictures to feed my obsession. I would even hoard nude pictures of myself because i just loved the way my body looked!

I’m so thankful for the way my life has developed and modeling has become the most fun, exciting part of my life! I’m 24 now and most are even astonished that I’m over 21, so hopefully my career will continue for many years to come! As for this shoot, it was definitely one of the best days of my modeling career! I got to travel around and experience the beauty of Arizona (which I’ve always wanted to visit because I love hot weather)! The best part of the day was finding out that the Viro-King is my new best friend! If I could find one, I would buy it in a heartbeat! I was also pleasantly surprised that I can orgasm so many times in one shoot! It was so fun and I’d love to do it again! Until next time! 😉

2 Comments for Misty

  1. vincent on April 27, 2016: (Reply)
    une vraie jolie bouille
  2. dd.eddie on April 26, 2016: (Reply)
    Cum my way, I get Misty whenever you’re near…

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FTV Girl Kandace

[Total: 276    Average: 3.3/5]
ftv kandace in bikini

ftv kandace tits and lambo

ftv kandace naked outside

Model Comments

I’m not someone who likes to talk about themselves so I guess this isn’t the easiest thing for me to do, but I’m glad I’m becoming more comfortable with myself and my body to be able to do this. I’m even more glad that I get to share it with you guys. I’ve always been more ashamed of my body than proud. I was always told to cover up and told I didn’t look “appropriate” from a young age. I felt like other girls could wear cute little tube tops, but if I did it, I created too much attention and that just wasn’t good. I’ve learned now that the attention is in fact a good thing. It’s really all about confidence. Having that helps others perceive you in a more positive light. I’m learning to smile more.. that’s hard for me as well. I never really masturbated (or enjoyed sex to be quite honest) until about three years ago. I’m glad I finally started exploring my own body because I came to love and understand myself so much more. I’ve learned what I like and what I don’t like, what triggers me, and what turns me off. I’m much more willing to experiment now, while still staying within my own boundaries.

1 Comment for Kandace

  1. dd.eddie on April 17, 2016: (Reply)
    Would love to accompany you on your exploration and experimentation.. would love to touch you without actually touching you. sexy woman.. and i can see confidence in your smile here.

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FTV Girl Kylie

[Total: 277    Average: 3.6/5]
ftv kylie public pussy

ftv kylie public pussy

ftv kylie public pussy

Model Comments

I grew up in Canada, where it was peaceful, polite and boring. My life didn’t begin until I got out of there. Yes, I loved the calm atmosphere, but at the same time I preferred something a bit more thrilling. I am the type of person who will say yes to almost every new opportunity as long as I can have fun doing it. Life is all about experiences.

My goal is to save a shit load of money and travel the world. I dream of all the wonderful food, cultures and destinations I will experience. But I’m not the 5 star resort type (all the time), I’d prefer to travel with a backpack and a tent. After I have my fill of travelling, I’ll go back to culinary school. Cooking is the one thing that has always kept my interest. It always stays fresh because you will never run out of ways to cook something, or recipes to learn, or random foreign foods to try.

But for now I have no plans, I’m just going where my instincts tell me to go and enjoying every moment. I’m happy to say that coming back a second time was great because I really have a thing for the shooter and I love fucking his cock. I think that makes me want to come back a third time. Yeah the shooting was fun, and I especially like the pictures but there is something so freaking hot about him. He should think of starring in his own videos.

2 Comments for Kylie

  1. cromwell on May 7, 2016: (Reply)
    very cute girl nice pussy
  2. dd.eddie on April 10, 2016: (Reply)
    Kylie you are young and beautiful.. tasty i am sure, Would love you to go to the Philippines and Angeles City..learn to cook the Pampangan way.. MAsarap just like you!

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FTV Girl Reena Sky

[Total: 332    Average: 3.6/5]



Model Comments

It’s me, Reena Sky! Haha hey guys. I was asked to tell a little bit about myself so here we go, buckle up! I’m actually Mexican and Italian heritage, so basically the best mix ever. Let’s see…I lost my virginity at age 17 to my boyfriend who was a quarterback on the football team. I was a cheerleader and basically we fucked before a game. He won the game, so I’m taking some credit for that. My body rocks! I love it. I treat it well and it treats me well. In a lover I look for someone who is sweet and funny. I don’t really have a physical type, I’m more into the intellectual connection. I actually like to look at myself when I masturbate. Let’s see, what else? Oh, i LOVE the outdoors and its a huge part of my life. I love being in the woods and snowboarding and kicking rocks. I am a full time model and business owner. And part time slut. I am really not a party girl. My idea of a party is a blunt and netflix in my living room. I also dance with my dogs. A lot. Dont laugh at me.

I loved shooting outdoors today. it was so exhilarating almost being caught… one of my favorite things is to have sex in public and I don’t get to experience that too often. with the laws and such… But today was awesome! I would love to get naked with a hot chick in public and then get fucked by a dude somewhere outside like in the forest on a rock! Eric loves puppies and he needs one so next time I come to shoot I can play with it…

6 Comments for Reena Sky

  1. roberbond@yahoo.com on May 27, 2016: (Reply)
    OMG A very gorgoeus beautiful lady that rates 1000
  2. mrlac35@gmail.com on April 28, 2016: (Reply)
    Beautiful luv to play in da bush
  3. Mike on April 7, 2016: (Reply)
    Super sexy.reena love ur sexy body. Love ur huge tits
  4. Anonymous on April 7, 2016: (Reply)
    You are hot and your BUSH LOOKS DELICIOUS.
  5. Mike on April 7, 2016: (Reply)
    Damn Rena smoking tits love ur huge tits I would love to suck them and wash ur tits and ur hot pussy. And massage u and kiss u all over I would love to tast that pussy too for dessert pour ice cream on ur hot tits and maybe ur pussy
  6. dd.eddie on April 7, 2016: (Reply)
    Reena you certainly are the perfect mix of beauty and sexiness.. Love your happy body! WOW, I’d die to taste that pussy

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FTV Girl Scarlett

[Total: 252    Average: 3.7/5]
ftv scarlett public pussy nudity

ftv scarlett petite teen nude

ftv scarlett fisting

Model Comments

If you asked me two months ago if I would be in California shooting videos and pictures as an adult performer, I would’ve laughed and said “nah, it’s not my thing.” However, taking time to think about the pros of going into the industry and taking time to really understand it, I’ve realized that it is actually my thing. I’m the adventurous girl- who always likes to be doing different things. I never touched base with my sexual adventures until I became an adult performer, so I was a little uneasy about everything at first. After shooting and becoming one with my body, I’ve learned so much about myself that I never knew before. It was an amazing experience to explore and learn more about my sexual pleasures, and I’m so glad I could share it with you all! Outside of the adult industry, I am just a goofy, adventurous, sweet tea lovin’ girl.

As far as my shoot goes, um wow. Lets just say that I did a lot of things that I never thought I could do in a million years. Plus I had my first orgasm! That’s crazy to me. I guess I never had a guy that could finish me off, and when I played with myself I would stop short. I guess we learn something new every day don’t we? Fisting myself was another crazy thing. It doesn’t really hurt that much, but it does make me sore the day after. But when your hand is in there its such a full feeling. That’s the best way I can describe it. The gaping thing is something I don’t really get why that’s hot but hey, I can do it! I will be doing more shoots I think, but I’d love to come back to shoot for FTV and I’ll surely never forget this shoot!

3 Comments for Scarlett

  1. vincent on April 27, 2016: (Reply)
    belle, audacieuse, joueuse..
  2. The incredible man on April 5, 2016: (Reply)
    Hello Scarlett. You are very beautiful and sexy. I would like to make you the love every night. Your pussy is great. I would like you to feel my penis inside you.
  3. dd.eddie on April 4, 2016: (Reply)
    Down home holsumness! YUMMY! Love your piercings; very sexy.. as for gaping… well you are delicious. would love to suck your fist.. then gape isnt as sexy to my but seeing the wet deliciousness inside… OO-LA-LA

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