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FTV Girl Audrey

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Videographer/Photographer’s Comments

There’s no writeups by the model (according to her, she hates writing), but I’ll relay things and thoughts she gave me throughout the shoot days. She’s incredibly hot, and her Middle-Eastern background (her parents are Jordanian) makes her that much sexier to me. I do admit I lost myself with her. But she did take a strong liking to me, and she’s coming back a week from this shoot to see me again, and shoot more of her.

3 Comments for Audrey

  1. Misterwonderful on December 10, 2017: (Reply)
    I absolutely love your soft puffy nipples. I bet your lower lips match them.
  2. dd.eddie on October 13, 2016: (Reply)
    Audrey is GORGEOUS! SEXY!!!! Her eyes and smile are hypnotizing.. I must say her body parts are perfectly delicious. Can wait to see more. WOuld love to eat her panties
  3. Anonymous on October 11, 2016: (Reply)

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FTV Girl Maricella

[Total: 251    Average: 3.6/5]

ftv maricella in mirror

ftv maricella from below

ftv maricella bent over

Model Comments

Hey guys! My name is Maricella I was born and raised in Nevada. Im a small town girl with a lot of aspirations in life such as being a model and actress, ive thought about being a Nurse or a Doctor but the more i think about it, thats just not for me. After highschool is when I discovered modeling and i did some runway shows in Las Vegas and a few photo shoots. I tried out for many things, for example, being a backup dancer. I am not a perfessional dancer what so ever so when i went to audition it was kind of scary because everyione else had their fancy ballet and jazz moves . I went on stage and winged it hoping for the best, but they cast me for an acting position in the music video so it all worked out in the end. I then became a lifeguard and i fell in love with it, i love the water. The only thing that i disliked was the insane tan line it gave me from the bathing suit. But its a small price to pay for no one drowning on my watch. Which is crazy because with being my background, Filipino, Creole, American Indian, German, and French, me and the sun would get along a lot better. I guess it doesnt help that i live in this 200 degree weather in Las Vegas. One of my goals is to visit all of the countries of what is in my blood.I hope to achieve this goal with all of the money im going to make as a model and hopefully as an actress. As i keep my head high hoping for the best, with the glass half full, im excited for all the adventures this journey will take me. Also with all the new friends(aka lovers) to cum haha.

2 Comments for Maricella

  1. bigboner on January 16, 2017: (Reply)
    love your shaved cunt
  2. dd.eddie on September 24, 2016: (Reply)
    I wish you all your dreams to visit your heritage countries… such a sexy mixture in making a surely yummy tasting woman.. didnt glimpse your nipples in this set.. your ass and pussy looks Pinay… Masarap!

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FTV Girl Kristen and Nina North

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Videographer/Photographer’s Comments

Back when I first shot Kristen as a first timer, I liked her attitude, easy to work with in public nudity, and her surprise extreme nature. She became a possible candidate for shooting in Hawaii, and it ended up happening back in February. My girlfriend, Nina North, joined up, and became the ‘assistant’ on the shoot, along with her joining in on the fun once in a while.

1 Comment for Kristen and Nina North

  1. dd.eddie on September 4, 2016: (Reply)
    HOT spread by both ladies… Would love to lick Nina’s fingers; but would love to lick and suck Kristen’s body

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FTV Girl Blaire

[Total: 266    Average: 3.2/5]

super tall naked model

ftv teen tits in public

ftv blaire naked teen

Model Comments

My shoot with FTV girls has honestly been really fun. I learned a lot about myself and my body… I didn’t know my vaginal muscles were so strong! Or that I could do tricks with them, for that matter. I had always read about Keagals but didn’t know what they meant when they said to flex the muscles you use when peeing. I also didn’t know that I could make myself orgasm, since I never had before this shoot. That video on the couch was my first time ever making myself orgasm. Kind of awesome, and I’m kind of in love with that toy now. I also liked playing with the bigger toys, even though they were kind of intimidating at first. It was just cool seeing what I could do, learning new tricks. My least favorite was when we tried to shoot a dancing video. I’ve never been much of a dancer (yes I know. The only stripper that can’t dance.. laughing my butt off. Ha.), so it was even more difficult and nerve-wrecking to dance on camera. Rob commented on how funny it was. Putting an eggplant in my vagina on camera, sure. Dancing for 5 minutes on camera? Screw that. It got to the point where I thought it was kind of funny when people saw us shooting in public, and I liked it in a goofy way. Basically, the whole shoot was a very freeing experience, and all in all, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

2 Comments for Blaire

  1. dd.eddie on August 31, 2016: (Reply)
    Never seen comments change before; these are so hot. I wish you experimented on my tongue with your vag muscles
  2. dd.eddie on August 27, 2016: (Reply)
    WOw Blaire I can empathize with your story so far.. I met many women in the same situation AND spoke with, and helped them as they danced. We worked on classes and several are nurses and a bartender even. You are so beautiful within for all you experienced.. and I must admit I surely love your classy chassis also

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FTV Girl Molly

[Total: 265    Average: 3.7/5]

molly basketball pussy peek

molly nude in street

molly kitchen pussy

Videographer/Photographer’s Comments

Molly is a sporty girl, which you can tell when you see her naked — her ass is flawless, and her thighs look perfect even in the strong sun. She’s the kind of girl perfect for those tight little volleyball shorts, and the top she wears allows her breasts to bounce and get exposed easily. A total girl next door type, she’s another pretty teen with first experiences here on FTV.

3 Comments for Molly

  1. Tummy sticks on October 1, 2016: (Reply)
    So so so hard itd be all up in them guts thatd be so tight to fuck id love a shot
  2. Brian Smith on August 21, 2016: (Reply)
  3. dd.eddie on August 20, 2016: (Reply)
    good golly Molly I love your natural soft luscious curves; butt your eyes hypnotize me

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FTV Girl Lily

[Total: 229    Average: 3.7/5]

ftv lily flashing

ftv lily upskirt pussy

ftv lily public nudes

Model Comments

Hi, im Lily! Im 18 years old and from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I currently live in Los angeles, but was raised in Beverly Hills. Im a super friendly, sweet and genuine girl.When I was younger, I was in balet, gymnastics, cheerleading, and took singling and piano lessons.

My experience in Arizona with Rob was amazing. Im very very new to the industry so obviously I was super nervous, but it turned out to be so incredible and I absolutley loved every single second. I orgasmed like 4 times! Rob is the best, and made me feel so comfortable which is part of the reason I loved it so much. And everything I said to him in the videos are definetly true, hes a super cutie.We went to crazy places, I walked around teasing everyone and masturbating in places I would never have thought of. The first night I stayed over I told my friend I had a crush on him and she told me to go to his bedroom with a loose shirt and cute panties and seduce him but I didnt end up doing it. Funny how the guy you want isnt available but then every guy you dont want keeps hitting you up on twitter. I want to see him again. Everything you will see in the videos of me are super real and I couldnt have asked for a better time doing this!

2 Comments for Lily

  1. dd.eddie on August 14, 2016: (Reply)
    Never have i seen a more beautiful pussy and tits together… WOW
  2. dd.eddie on August 13, 2016: (Reply)
    Lily you are beautiful with an unforgettable smile and more… sometimes wanting and not getting is for the best. Gives time to thing and reflect. But i must admit, this old man would love to ‘adopt’ you. LOL

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FTV Girl Lana

[Total: 321    Average: 3.9/5]

ftv lana panties

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Model Comments

I’m so happy to be here again! Thanks for making me very popular and I’ve read all the comments! Rob the photographer wanted me to come back and do another shoot after the first one but my boyfriend wouldn’t let me. Well now I’m free and I was really attracted to Rob. I knew that if I came back to see him now without a boyfriend I’d want to fuck him. When I got to see Rob I was really horny and when I found out that he had broken up with his girlfriend there was no way I wasn’t going to have him sometime on the trip. Nothing happened the first night but after I masturbated I didn’t care anymore I was not going to let him refuse me. We ended up fucking seven times and still got a lot of shooting done! I’m not sure I’m supposed to say this stuff on here but he can edit it out if he wants to. He’s an older guy but he’s in really good shape, buff and has thick brown hair and beautiful big hazel eyes. All the sex did make me sore though so I did more things in my butt for the video instead. I wouldn’t let him fuck me in the butt. I also liked kissing him a lot, and holding him. His body is so firm and chiseled. Ok and I also really liked using the E-vibrator again because I don’t have one at home and I only use my fingers then. So yea, I had an amazing time on this trip!

6 Comments for Lana

  1. meeto1965@gmail.com on October 1, 2016: (Reply)
  2. ACE on September 21, 2016: (Reply)
    Doll your super erotic !
  3. vincent on August 26, 2016: (Reply)
    incredible face…
  4. Brian Smith on August 8, 2016: (Reply)
    Wow very sexy. Beautiful body
  5. Anonymous on August 6, 2016: (Reply)
    i love you lana.
  6. dd.eddie on August 6, 2016: (Reply)
    LAna so wonderful to see your beautiful eye and gorgeous face, and sexy body back! Way to go Rob; ya cant hold back from Lana, so ask her back again

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FTV Girl Eva

[Total: 240    Average: 3.6/5]

ftv eva flashing pussy

ftv eva naked

ftv eva on all fours

Model Comments

Hi! I’m Eva. I was born in North Florida and recently moved to South Florida for college where I’m pursuing a business degree. I’ve been interested in sex since I found out how to masturbate when I was 11. So I snuck my boyfriend in through my window, I snuck into other boyfriend’s houses, I’d fuck during my lunch period, whatever means necessary. I love sex. I also love experimenting with sex, I’m never afraid to get messy or try something new. I’m pansexual, so I’m attracted to any sex/gender, which lets me be as open as I’d like. I think of bodies and sex as art: everyone is different, has different limits, is good at different things, so the possibilities are endless. When I turned 18 and could finally buy sex toys at my local X-mart, the wide world of sex only got wider. Now i have a whole drawer reserved for sex toys, and it’s full. I started putting on webcam shows a few months after I turned 18. I knew which angles, clothes, and toys looked good with me, and I’m an exhibitionist, so it just seemed right. Now I’ve been camming for over a year and it’s just getting better and better. Recently I got into porn so that I can have somebody else take over the job of filming and editing, and i can also learn about the methods used to make porn look really, really good. I love sex and I love art, so why not put the two together? I film amateur videos at home, experimenting with editing, different shots and angles, it seems like it would be so basic but I’ve only been playing with my camera for a year! I’m excited to develop my video style into something that’s as high-quality as I’d like it to be. I’m a fan of bondage and I’m trying to learn more ties. Being bound is so exhilarating! The feeling of giving away control of your body to another person is unlike anything else I’ve experienced. I’m trying to learn more ties, since each one feels different and leaves a unique imprint on the bondage-reciever’s skin. The whole act of bondage is art to me: the dedication in preparing the rope, learning the tie, executing it in a pleasing way to both the eye and the body. Just recently my boyfriend and I discovered that we have a thing for knives. It’s more dangerous than rope and the feeling is far amplified, although it doesn’t give me the same “come-down” effect I get when I’m being untied. A knife feels like a short, sharp head rush while being untied after a bondage session feels more like floating off of Cloud 9 wrapped in a cozy blanket.

3 Comments for Eva

  1. t on January 28, 2017: (Reply)
    crazy eyes
  2. dd.eddie on July 31, 2016: (Reply)
    and i just ADORE your petite delicious body!!!!!
  3. dd.eddie on July 30, 2016: (Reply)
    one hell of a sexy yummy woman Eva!!!!!!! would love to be tied to you for a weekend

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FTV Girl Kelly

[Total: 223    Average: 3.6/5]

ftv kelly public upskirt

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ftv kelly ass dildo

Model Comments

I was born and raised in Phoenix Arizona. I love living here because it is always sunny so im always outside, Im either riding my bike or my skateboard and sitting by the pool. I live with my mom and my cat Princess. I just graduated high school and want to go to beauty school to get my esthetician license. I would be going to learn about skin care, massage, lazer treatment, and makeup. I cant wait to start because im very interested in beauty, makeup, and skin care. I like playing around with makeup and doing differnt looks. Im a big girly girl and love fashion I have a very unique style in the clothes that I like to wear. Im also intested in art and love to paint and draw. I like being creative and painting whatever I feel like. When im older I want to do a lot of traveling and see the world. Ive never been outside the counrty before! I want to learn about new cultures and learn new languages. I want to see as many new places as I can and experience as many things as I can in my life.

1 Comment for Kelly

  1. UNKNW on April 20, 2018: (Reply)

    This comment is awaiting moderation.

  2. dd.eddie on July 23, 2016: (Reply)
    Kelly you are beautiful enough to make all those dreams come true; and i hope you cum to PA for a hot coal-crackin time! Super body, spectacular smile, fantastic eyes!!!!

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FTV Girl Cora

[Total: 220    Average: 3.8/5]

ftv cora naked blonde teen

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ftv cora water pussy

Model Comments

Hey guys im cora I am 18 years young I stay in LA I never really wanted to do porn at first I am still feel very weird about it there is lots of new things am learning still! I am very open to anything I am very outgoing funny fun to get along with I am very very awkward on stuff but I try my best to always get through it I never had an orgasm before shocking I never had weird things stuck in me which that was awkward but a very cool experience never had dildos up me I never did anal or stick my finger up my ass the public stuff made me very nervous but am glad I did it people looked at me shocking but I didn’t care it was an experience I never had before. Xo

I really tried my best to have an orgasm, but it just couldn’t! I’ve never had one in my life and I was trying so hard. Maybe I was just nervous or something, idk. But anyways, it still feels really good when I play with myself. I don’t have a bf or anything right now, but I have a guy that I can play with when I want. Finding guys isn’t hard for me lol I went to some school for make-up, so that’s really my passion. Maybe one day I can be professional at that. For right now though, I am happy that I am trying modeling. I really enjoy taking pictures and being naked. I love clothes, but I just love being naked. I’m usually naked at home when I am by myself, as long as no family is home!

I think FTV was a good place for me to start. I was really nervous about shooting my frist porn movie. I do watch stuff online, but its different when I am in it myself! Its fun though, and I woud love to do it again.! XOXO

2 Comments for Cora

  1. Me +u=fun on July 22, 2016: (Reply)
    Wow, your beautiful, please make this your passion. And it’s a shame you’ve never had a orgasm. I would go non stop until you had if I ever had the opportunity to please that pussy.
  2. dd.eddie on July 19, 2016: (Reply)
    Orgasms will come Cora; just relax enjoy the moment and ‘feel’. Certainly love to have Mora of you Cora. Your body and smile is incredible!!!! Love your lips.. ethnicity???

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