These FTV girls are total amateurs, most of them trying nudity for the first time on video by a very talented photographer who likes public nudity and masturbation. Please rate your favorite FTV Girls.


FTV Girl Jenna

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Model Comments

Hey guys, it’s Jenna. I just finished my First Time Video and I had so mych fun trying new things! I have played with some new toys including this vintage king vibrating wand that blew my mind. I also got to cum with my favorite toy the hitachi magic wand. I even fisted myself today for the very first time! I have never even fingered myself with five fingers. I was pretty impressed I could fit so much in my tight pussy. It was much easier putting it in when I reached my hand from behind and it kept becoming easier to reinsert my fist after every time. I even got to ride the FTV monster and boy is it a monster! That beast didn’t even fit entirely in my pussy, but it felt so good when I put the hitachi on my clit. I love trying new things and I am glad I shot my first porn with FTV in Arizona. I came to a new place and came many times! LOL!

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  1. Swatty - Damn makes me quiver
  2. VINCENT - incroyablement jolie
  3. dd.eddie - first you have me hungry for Lady-fingers/fist. YUM. and 2nd as gorjus as the statue behind you! 😀


FTV Girl Ariane

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ftv girl

ftv girl

ftv girl

Model Comments

I am just beginning in my adult industry career, I plan on going very far in it. I want the most out of it that I can get. I’ve been around this environment my entire life so it’s very natural for me to do what I am doing. I absolutely love it!! I get a high off being in front of the camera and being sexual in front of the camera. I have never had a problem showing off my body before or being explicit. I’m 24 years old and so far this year has turned out to be completely great for me. My goals on what I am doing are finally coming into fruition and I am very pleased with where I am at in my career. I plan on doing alot more adult industry work in the next coming months/years. As well as growing a larger name for myself in the adult industry. I truly hope you guys love my video, pics and I satisfy your needs with every I have done/plan on doing. I have to say todays shoot was absolutely amazing! Working with Rob was so natural and fun. He made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera it was like I was working alone, but with phenomenal compliments! I truly can’t wait to work with him again and do more future endeavors with the company! Rob is truly a sweet heart and would advise anyone who wants to get in the industry or even just have pictures taken to go through him. He is the best. Much love to you all Ari XXO

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  1. JJ - I don’t know why but I love perfectly manicured feet?
  2. VINCENT - superbe !!
  3. dd.eddie - I wish you all sucksess; seeing you is like wanting 3 women! ALL HOT. Oozing friendliness desire. 😀


FTV Girl Lila

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rate ftv lila

rate ftv lila

Model Comments

Hiii lovely people :) my name is Lila, sanskrit meaning divine play ! Which basically sums up my life . But allow me to elaborate more. I am 20 years of age currently residing in Austin , TX for the moment. I have lived in this city for three years now, working three jobs and always making time for my spiritual practices:) I am a free spirit … but not your typical urban hippie . Wanderlust mystic is more my way , though I claim no roles I am in bliss just breathing ! No matter where I may be I am always here residing in the present moment,and that in turn brings me to the yoga of action . The seed was planted for me many years ago… growing up competing and riding horses I was always connected to this life far past our five senses . My lifestyle was dedicated and intuitive much like now . The difference is rather than thinking I knew , I realized I can BE everything with the proper practice … Meditation being the center fold. I am thankful every moment to be In this body and have this mind, and wouldn’t trade it for nothing :)

3 Comments for “FTV Girl Lila”

  1. VINCENT - delicieusement perverse
  2. Razer - Beautiful simply beautiful
  3. dd.eddie - WOW LilA love your spirit and Im trying to find my way also. Will you be my Yogi? Or just prepar some salads for me! 😀


FTV Girl Meagan

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Model Comments

Hello, my name is Megan and im 18 years old. I was born in Palm Springs California and have lived their my whole life. My background is Italian and Peruvian. My dad is both and my mom is just Italian. I come from a big family, but i only speak to a few.

This year i have also graudated high school, im the 3rd in my family to do so, so its a preety amazing accomplishment if i do say so myself ! Highschool was one of the hardest times for me, but im sure its going to be a time that i truly will miss when im older, but for now, its not over. I still have College, I plan on going to a simple college where i can get my pshycology and counseling degree . If i could do anything in the world, it would be to be their for the people that have no one to talk to . Its a big world, and if you have no one that will listen to you, it can drive you to the point of insanity being alone in your own mind.

My life has been a big roller coaster, that all in all, i could say has been totally worth it. It’s made me who i am. Some people hate it, and other people love it. As long as their talking, it gives me the energy to just keep doing what makes me happy and show them im better then what their saying. Because at the end of the day, it’s you who has to live with it, nobody else. You’re born alone, die alone. So do what you wanna do !

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  1. Phish head - Does anyone know this girls porn number after FTV?
  2. Phish head - If anyone knows what site or sites where I can watch this cutie make her hardcore debut? I wanna see her innocents be destroyed
  3. Phish head - This girl is best in the world of hard core porn. Which is exactly where she is headed. I would love to see her hardcore shoots
  4. Phish head - Sexy beautiful young 18 year old. Not the right style for ftv. She seems to not have any experience getting herself off
  5. dd.eddie - you are beautiful! I c ur stuggled. I would cherish my last days just seeing u smile! WOW
  6. dd.eddie - I commend you to listen to others as a passion. But you are born with your MOM! And it would be nice if u had some1 when die 😀


FTV Girl Belicia

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Model Comments

Im very open minded, free spirited and adventurous, id like to say.I absolutely love roller coasters. Anything that has to do with a thrill, im more than up for. Going rock climbing on a sunny summer day aswell.Im up for any adventure as long as Im getting a thrill out of it. Although alot of the times i may be scared of falling of the rock or some stupid superstition about roller coasters braking down and throwing all of its passengers off. I like cuddling when im watching a scary movie, which by the way i love scary movies. My mother and step father are in the medical field, and keep on routing me on to be an xray technitian. While on the other hand my father wants me to do what makes me happy, which i totally agree. I love the stars and learning how they have certain reigns on our emotions. You’ll most likely find me often asking many questions to random people just because i like to hear other peoples opinions. I value other peoples opinions. And i love everything life has to offer. Im ready for anything life shoots at me, wether its some rain or some sun. You’ll never see me down. Staying positive is my motive, whether it be for myself or others.

3 Comments for “FTV Girl Belicia”

  1. j smith - smoking hot babe.
  2. dd.eddie - oops, too much blood and gore in early days of xray techs. bottom of the pole to start. yuck
  3. dd.eddie - BEAUTIFUL! Xray tech, no… dental technician YES. You would calm anyone with your beauty and + attitude. Your eyes 10!


FTV Girl Cosima

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ftv cosima

ftv cosima

ftv cosima

Model Comments

I grew up in California 10 minutes from the beach. My summers were spent playing with friends at the beach until dusk. We loved to build bonfires, blast each other’s favorite music and snap a million photo’s to remember every moment spent together. Like every normal kid in the 90’s, I can’t remember a single day going by when I wasn’t outside at the park or playing by the pool. I had my first taste of actual freedom when I turned 20, and broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years. The whole “we’re going in different directions” or “its not you, its me” take your pick. I did it for so many reasons. I just knew I was ready to get crazy! My time spent in Las Vegas away from my family felt very refreshing, like hitting the reset button on my life. I could do whatever I wanted to do, go wherever I wanted to go, and say whatever the fuck I wanted to say! My parents weren’t happy about it, in fact they never came to visit me once while I lived there because they weren’t approval of my lifestyle and living in Sin City. I’m not sure what they thought I was doing, but I was pretty much living the life of 9-5 working to pay my bills. I decided to move back to California after quitting my 9-5 job.

Its great being back in California. I am now living with a few friends close to the beach, it feels like nothing has changed and no time has passed. I finally turned 21 too! My day to day life has been get off work, walk to a local bar, come back smashed and doing it again the next night. My liver and my bank account were definetly beginning to hurt, so I decided to look into a different carrer path. I was over working 9-5 jobs, 40 hours a week, bringing home $800 every two weeks. I was burnt out. I jumped online, came across an ad about Adult Film and decided to try it out. After a few failed attempts, I got in touch with an agent in Miami Florida. He flew me down the next day and moved me into his Model House with seven other girls. I was excited to make new friends and be completely out of my comfort zone. The next day my agent told me he sent my photo’s out to a few agencys and everyone was responding really well to them, and in no time he booked my first shoot with FTV Girls. I didn’t know what to expect for my first shoot. I was feeling the stress of not performing very well or making an ass out of myself on camera. When I arrived in Phoenix for my first day of shooting, FTV picked me up and drove me to the the house to get settled in. When it came time to begin shooting, I walked onto set, thats when the nerves kicked in. I was sitting on the plush carpet in my tiny panties and the cameras were ready to role. He hands me a vibrator and asks if I’ve ever used one before, no I reply but take it anyway. He tells me to relax, and loosen up, and encourages me to play with it a little before shooting. I flick on the switch and it immedietly starts buzzing and tingling my entire hand. I softly press it onto my clit, my eyes roll back….”AND WE’RE FILMING!” I cum. He cuts. Just like that the scene is over. I was so surprised and relieved! And heyy I enjoyed it. The next day of filming went just as well, perhaps better! They take me to a mall to do some flashing and ask if I’ve ever done any scandalous acts, no not even streaking I’m embarrassed to say. At the end of the day, after all the public nudity I had done, we were all starving. My adrenalines rushing! I was so ready to walk into the restaurant butt ass naked. No shame! We wrapped up the shoot with minutes to spare before the rain began pouring down on us, it was such an amazing experience. What a fun first shoot! I can’t wait to shoot again and top this one. I’ll master that fisting for sure 😉 Um where can I get one of those Vibra Kings…? Serious. Thank you so much FTVGirls! -Cosimaxxxoooxo

One Comment for “FTV Girl Cosima”

  1. dd.eddie - Cosima you made me fall in love and lust; a woman next door. Let go dancing at the AMLEgion n get dirty on the floor. 😀


FTV Girl Nicole & Veronica

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nicole veronica flashing

nicole veronica topless  beach

nicole veronica nude beach

Nicole‘s Comments

I’m back for a third time and I think this will be one of the most memorable moments of my life. I was totally surprised when Rob asked me to do the Hawaii shoot when there are so many gorgeous and skinnier girls on the website! I saw the other Hawaii one with those petite gymnast girls and I thought that is whats popular for this kind of thing. Well I’m happy it happened to me and its always confusing to me how an average looking girl like me gets so popular with you guys. Maybe its my young look? I got to know more about Veronica first through her videos on the site and then by phone and instagram. She’s a very curious girl to me because she seems so horny and sexual all the time I don’t know where she gets it from! I mean I like having sex, but not the frequency she likes it! And she has to masturbate all the time even when we weren’t doing the shooting like in the morning and nighttime. When I was using the glass toy on her at the beach, she liked it so much and wanted me to do it harder but my hand was getting tired and I wondered how her vagina can take it!

One Comment for “FTV Girl Nicole & Veronica”

  1. dd.eddie - 1st i thought twins! WOW! it isnt body size, you exude sexiness in your body language. I wish i could tongue you both! LOL


FTV Girl Shyla Jennings

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sexy secretary

public pussy

pussy shaving

Model Comments

So its been exactly two years since i have shot for FTV Girls; and let me tell ya, ALOT has happened. 2013 was a huge year for me! I worked my ass off, shooting content for my website and making some super sexy movies. I never thought that becoming a full on Adult Actress would be in the cards for someone like me, but it happened and here i am years later. Im happy, so thats all that really matters to me but if you would have met me before porn, sheesh, i was a shy one. Hence the name SHY-la. lol. I was a total closet freak! I mean when i first started my webiste, we would shoot around the city in public and i would freeeeak out. I was terrified of being caught naked by an unfamiliar person. Which is down right funny considering that today i walked up to a total stranger butt ass naked and tapped him on the shoulder. Porn seems to have liberated me quite a bit to say the least ;). And after all the hard work and time dedicated to the industry I was nominated for All Girl Performer of the Year, and actually won! =) Who woulda thought! Certainly not me!

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2 Comments for “FTV Girl Shyla Jennings”

  1. bill - very very nice,
  2. dd.eddie - YUM, you’ve help up amazingly well; glad you stayed AllGirlz.


FTV Girl Staci

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ftv staci hottest girl in the room

ftv staci pussy peek

ftv staci public nudity

Model Comments

hi my name is staci, I am a scorpio, i usually dont follow atroglogy but i have found that it often correct. I am down to earth, kind, and loving. On the other side i am fiesty and extremely sexual. I am a very busy person so when i relax i like it to be with a snack or dinner and a movie or tv show. same applies with dates with girlfriends and boyfriends, I would much rather relax at home or back yard bbq than going out to a bar or club. Through out elementary school i was often the subject of bullying, then in high school I started modeling in new york, in a sense i was the ugly duckling that transformed into the white swan. I graduated high school a year early with honors then moved on to go to school at the university minnesota. I recieved my generals but decided to go a different direcrtion with my life and enlisted in the united states marine corps, it was an amazing experience and caused me to be more patriotic, appreciate america, what it stands for and americas fighting forces. It might have lead over a little to much because i now thoughouly enjoy macho men 😉 Thats about the jist of me, I hope you enjoyed my essay, and shoot with ftv.

3 Comments for “FTV Girl Staci”

  1. - Oh How SEXY you would be with a little hairy pussy!!!!! :-(
  2. Christian Alexander Tietgen - Nice shaved pussy
  3. dd.eddie - WOW and a marine? TY for your service! Im 20yr veteran of USAF! Would love to meet you for manouvers


FTV Girl Kendall

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public nudity kendall

kendall naked splits

kendall topless

Model Comments

Hey guys, so how do you like my shoot? Have you been through it yet? Or are you reading my stuff first? According to porn you’re supposed to start when you’re 18 or 19 but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it until now. My older sister is actually in porn and is guiding me thru it. She recommended I start with ftvgirls and stick to solo and girl girl shoots. I don’t plan on doing hardcore any time soon even though I’m sort of horny and love random sex with guys. I like masturbation and sex about the same, and I’ll do it both the same day. They’re just two different things and I like the different kinds of orgasms I get from both. I’m originally from New York but moved to Vegas for the lifestyle, and no, I’ve never done stripping. People ask me that a lot. Just because I have blonde hair and big breasts doesn’t mean it has to be that way! I think I’ll be more comfortable with shooting than I would ever be stripping. After this experience with ftvgirls I really enjoyed myself and I know I can do it. I had never masturbated in front of a guy before until now. I never ran around butt naked around people until now! I’m of Italian decent, and my parent live in New York. I’m studying at UNLV right now but you can say I’m not being serious enough about what I want to do with a college degree. So that’s why I’m trying out porn to see if this is something I really will want to do as a carreer. My parents are not too happy since they have only two daughters and we both are in porn now! But they should’ve known when they ended up with two hot girls :)

2 Comments for “FTV Girl Kendall”

  1. dd.eddie - WOW Kendall; i read first; love to make connection before i pound 1 out in my GF or hands LOL. SMOKIN! TY! U have it together 😉
  2. vincent - superbe