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FTV Girl Chloe Toy

[Total: 476    Average: 2.9/5]

chloe toy public nudity

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Videographer/Photographer’s Comments

Chloe is from the UK and is what is termed an ‘Essex Girl’ through and through. Chloe is a popular ‘glamour’ model and openly admits to having a love of ‘toys’ – or ‘dicks’ as she jokingly refers to her rather large collection of dildos and vibrators. When I asked chloe to come to Portugal to shoot for FTV I asked her to bring a large suitcase with as many ‘dicks’ as she could pack. To save embarrasing other passengers at baggage check we agreed that she would check her bab into the aeroplane hold rather than carrry it on-board! Chloe doesn’t disappoint. She arrives at our local railway station with a range of dildos and vibrators and proceeds to give us a guided tour right there on the station platform! Arriving at the villa Chloe wastes no time. To relieve the stress of travel she spends some private time with a vibrator with a clit stimulator. We peek through her bedroom door as she entertains herself – but we get caught! Chloe invites us in to her room for a better view. Some great clit stimulation close up shots follow as Chloe gives us a taste of things to come….

2 Comments for Chloe Toy

  1. Anonymous on April 6, 2018: (Reply)
    At first look, I thought you are Lexi Belle, you are gorgeous like lexi
  2. dd.eddie on November 14, 2017: (Reply)
    I would love to be your anything anywhere toy Chloe

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FTV Girl Melody

[Total: 404    Average: 3.2/5]

cosplay upskirt Sailor Jupiter

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Model Comments

When I heard about a cosplay event for Halloween I had to go. I’ve never done any kind of cosplay before and it’s always been on my bucket list. What’s wonderful is that this experience has been captured forever for you to view. I was especially naughty, but I enjoyed the thrill and attention. Everyone knows who Sailor Jupiter is and because I made a very cute Sailor Jupiter, nearly everyone had to have a picture with me! It felt as if people actually viewed me as the character. They had me do signature poses and even talk about the popular anime series, Sailor Moon. I chose Sailor Jupiter because she had always been my favorite. I had a butt plug inside me the whole event because I liked how naughty it was, I enjoyed having a dirty secret that no one around would have ever suspected. The shoot was extremely risky considering the event was extremely packed with all age groups. It was also very windy so that my skirt flew up on multiple occasions, exposing everything! I never had done anything so thrilling, naughty and memorable. The only downside of the whole affair is that there wasn’t an affair. It’s been a secret fantasy of mine to have sex in my Sailor Jupiter attire and it would have felt even more incredible with the butt plug in, but the event would have been too crowded regardless if I had a lover with me there or not. I still hope that there would be another occasion to dress up as I did and to be able to have incredible sex in it. Having the butt plug inside me the whole time and doing naughty flashes in public made me so incredibly horny.

2 Comments for Melody

  1. dd.eddie on November 26, 2017: (Reply)
    JUst noticed your buttplug in the top pic ;D
  2. dd.eddie on November 12, 2017: (Reply)
    WOW, you are super sexy and I just love women dressing up in cosplay.. so so hot. Your body incredibly delicious

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FTV Girl Nia

[Total: 328    Average: 3.1/5]

hard nipples in pool

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Model Comments

Growing up I was easily entertained, I would read a book rather than going to the movies. I love going to the gym and running. I’ve ran three color runs and finished strong. I’ve only been with two guys over the past year and a half and I lost my virginity when I was seventeen. I’m come off a shy a person but once you get to know me I’ll be the outrageous person you know. I’m super random and loud ( I like to blame it on the ADHD I don’t have). Today’s shoot was nerve wracking, never before had I ever done anything so daring, but it was exciting. I never used a vibrator before so using one for the first time was amazing, I don’t think I had ever had an orgasm like I did when I was using the vibrator. I like how it feels and I’m definitely going to start using it more often.

2 Comments for Nia

  1. Misterwonderful on December 10, 2017: (Reply)
    Wow, you make my mouth water. You are absolutely stunning
  2. dd.eddie on November 12, 2017: (Reply)
    Nia, you are incredibly beautiful!

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FTV Girl Averie

[Total: 236    Average: 3/5]

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Model Comments

Hello fellas it’s Averie! I currently live in the beautiful state of Hawaii and get to wake up in paradise every single day. I was born and raised where people go to gamble and party also known as sin city Las Vegas. I’ve always been the athletic active type of gal and at the age of 4 I started playing soccer and fell in love with the sport. I tried out for my high school soccer team and with my years of skills made the varsity team as a freshman and started every single game. During my sophomore year I pulled a muscle and was told not to play for at least a week but I of course didn’t listen. I played only after a few days of resting it and ended up pulling the muscle so bad I had to get surgery to repair and inevitably ended my soccer career.

After my injury I began to put more of my focus on academics so I can receive a scholarship to college. Kicking ass in school and graduating the top of my class I received a full ride to the University of Nevada Las Vegas. During college I worked 2-3 jobs at a time to support myself and what I enjoyed doing most, traveling and music. In only three years I was able to graduate college with my bachelors in psychology and plan on going back to school for another degree. Currently, I’m enjoying my time off from school and continue to travel and experiencing new adventures. Now you know a little about myself and enjoy my sexy videos!

1 Comment for Averie

  1. dd.eddie on November 12, 2017: (Reply)
    PLease let me lick your fist

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FTV Girl Hannah

[Total: 909    Average: 2.8/5]

blonde teen no bottoms

tight teen ass

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Model Comments

Hi, I’m writing for my blog on ftv, thank you for reading. I traveled from Georgia and wanted to try something different, and it can be quite boring in my town. It was my first plane ride and it was pretty scary for me, and I got lost in the Atlanta airport. I missed my flight and had to take a different one. Phoenix is really hot but not muggy like where I live. I really liked the way it looks with the cactus and mountains. I do masturbate sometimes and even have a vibrator I bought online but the white one I used was a surprise for me how well it works and I had several orgasms. I was told just to have one but once I get going I want more. Same goes for sex. The photographer was an older guy but he was really nice, and something very sexy/hot about him that turned me on. Masturbating just made me wetter for him and I wanted his cock inside me. I could tell he could fuck and do it right. Guys in my town are all a bunch of assholes who treat girls with no respect but they can get away with it because girls are willing to put up with it. Thats part of the reason why I wanted to travel out and see new things, and maybe meet someone who is nicer to me and would find me attractive. I think I have a pretty face but I wish I had bigger breasts. My butt is allright too but it would be nice if it was bigger. I have a twin sister by the way who looks a lot like me but we are pretty different in our attitude. She also dyed her hair black so now we look a lot more different. She’s the more homey type and not very outgoing and I’m the one that likes to sneak out. Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy my shoot.

2 Comments for Hannah

  1. The Incredible man on November 16, 2017: (Reply)
    Hello Hannah. You are beautiful. I would like to have a threesome with you and your sister. It would be a great sexual fantasy.
  2. dd.eddie on November 14, 2017: (Reply)
    smokin hot body Hannah!

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FTV Girl Riley

[Total: 495    Average: 3/5]

pussy upskirt bent over

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water hose in pussy

Model Comments

Hi Guys! My name is Riley, Im 22 and from the beautiful mountains of WNC. I’ve been doing mostly artistic nude modeling for a couple years now and recently started shooting more erotic style.

I dream of being on penthouse cover and modeling for playboy! Modeling for Playboy has been a dream ever since i was youger watching Girls Next Door lol. My hobbys are hiking, swimming, shopping, and cooking. I aslo enjoy being lazy at home doing not much of anything! I love to netflix and chill with my boyfriend, we are currently rewatching all the Game Of Thrones series! I sometimes like to workout while at home, i do yogo and pilates. Sometimes when im not at home Im mostly traveling and modeling! My favorite place is San Franciso, Im hopfully moving close to that area soon.Im also a medical patirnt in California! i love blowing my modeling money on a whole bunch of top shelf stuff such as bud, wax, and edible. Im like a little kid in the candy store every time. Would like to pick up on some pole dancing classes, i think it would be sexy to know some pole tricks and a great workout!

2 Comments for Riley

  1. dd.eddie on November 14, 2017: (Reply)
    Im thirsty as heck to drink from your fountain of youth
  2. you mun on November 9, 2017: (Reply)

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FTV Girl Stella

[Total: 463    Average: 2.8/5]

tits out in public

puffy pussy lips

watching her suck a dildo

Model Comments

My experience filming with FTV went even better than I had anticipated. When my best friend, Charlotte, showed me her video and suggested I fly out to Arizona with her to shoot, I was both excited and nervous. After viewing other girls’ videos on the website, I was eager to begin shooting but also afraid that my video wouldn’t turn out as great as all of theirs. When I arrived in Arizona, the FTV team was extremely welcoming and absolutely a joy to be around. They made me feel comfortable and showed me how to experience the south western lifestyle. When I began shooting abs filming in the morning, I quickly loosened up and began having fun showing off for the cameras. Having Charlotte there with me definitely helped and made it so easy. It felt embarrassing yet ego boosting to have so many strangers seeing me flash the camera and expose myself, especially when I had someone approach and compliment me. Even though I was enjoying myself, the heat was a little much and I was super eager to jump in the pool the entire day. Getting to use a vibrator for the first time was also very exciting for me. It was difficult, I’ll admit, to have an orgasm while I was being filmed. I needed Rob to leave the room any time I masturbated. The feeling of being watched makes it hard to loosen up and stay aroused. Once I was able to be alone and have play with the Eroscillator, the orgasms were amazing! In fact, I sent a link to my boyfriend so that he could buy me one for my birthday! It was also fun to experiment with new things. I discovered a lot about how much my body can handle and ways to be pleasured. I enjoyed the butt plug a lot more than I expected as well as the pink dildo. Using my hairbrush and curling iron though wasn’t my favorite. The silicone on the brush pulled on my labia in an uncomfortable way and I actually pinched the inside on my vagina on the curling iron. I would rather stick using actually sex toys. Dancing, doing spreads. and massaging and folding my body made me feel a bit silly but it was still fun showing off for the camera. Overall, my experience filming my first time video was interesting, fun, and had me laughing and smiling all day long. After a long day, I enjoyed my long awaited swim with my best friend in such a beautiful place!

0 Comments for Stella

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    FTV Girl Charlotte

    [Total: 401    Average: 3.2/5]

    public park titties

    naked in public

    beautiful nude body

    Model Comments

    Hi there, my name is Charlotte! I am a full time student in my second year of college and currently I work full time with two jobs, one of them being my own photography business! I became infatuated with shooting boudoir shoots over the past three years. One day, I was job shadowing a photographer that paid me to be in front of the camera…….. Needless to say, I loved it! I was captivated by the style and art of nude shooting then oddly enough, I ended up becoming a model from then on!

    1 Comment for Charlotte

    1. dd.eddie on November 14, 2017: (Reply)
      you are incredible Charlotte

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    FTV Girl Winter

    [Total: 313    Average: 3.3/5]

    ftv winter cleavage

    ftv winter naked

    ftv winter up pussy shot

    Model Comments

    Hi everyone, I had such a fun time doing my first time video. I am 20 years old and new to this industry. I am from a very small town in the upper midwest where a lot of things were considered taboo. Masturbating, being intimate, even giving your significant other a kiss if you were not married was considered taboo.

    Before I had worked with FTV, I had modeled for two years prior. Modeling is still one of my favorite things to do, boudior and fine art & fashion are by far my most favorite styles to shoot. Shooting with FTV was very fun and I was very nervous at first. Coming to shoot for them and had never shooting a scene before was very nerve racking. I’ve never modeled nude in public before so I was a lot more cautious about it while shooting for FTV. There was something exciting about it though. The guys I met didn’t seem to mind. One of them gave me his card and said if I wanted a sugar daddy he’s the one! I couldn’t believe he did that right in front of the photographer. Anyway, I was able to get a little more comfortable with videos as the day went on. The masturbation videos weren’t bad, I am just a very shy person. I’m also very tiny and have not had a lot of sexual experience so the masturbation videos were a little scary to me but after I did the first one, the rest went over very well. It did take some time in between shoots though because I am so small and very sensative on my clit. All that masturbating was getting me aroused for something else and I’m not sure if I’m supposed to write about it but it was even better than masturbating even though it made me sore. I’m not used to have that type of experience so often either, at least not in my hometown. The guys there aren’t very cute and act like they’re god’s gift to the world. Rob is very fun to work with though, he makes the models very comfortable he’s very fun to be around.

    1 Comment for Winter

    1. dd.eddie on November 14, 2017: (Reply)
      I want to be IN Winter all year long; smokin HOT!

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    FTV Girl Leah

    [Total: 260    Average: 3.5/5]

    ftv leah upskirt at pool

    ftv leah naked in public

    ftv leah panty pull

    Model Comments

    Hey guys its Leah from Arizona, I have just finished my first experience with you all. Let me tell you… it wasn’t what I expected but it was so much more fun then I could have ever imagined! The area I grew up in we did not know anyone who had this kind of fun so I literally had no idea what to expect walking in or anything.

    It would be cool if Lia and I went soon to celebrate since she just brought me in under her wing to be apart of this all! She saw me out shooting some pool, which we love to do….and she said I had to come join this FTV Girls family. Can’t wait to see you all again, maybe the first time loosing my virginity I was only 19 but first time loosing my virginity to you all, and I’m 23! Catch you pervs sooner then later I hope!(;

    1 Comment for Leah

    1. dd.eddie on November 14, 2017: (Reply)
      Leah me, slay me, make me sizzle and sweat pleasuring you

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