These FTV girls are total amateurs, most of them trying nudity for the first time on video by a very talented photographer who likes public nudity and masturbation. Please rate your favorite FTV Girls.


FTV Girl Rikki Nyx

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rikki nyx
Rikki Nyx has decided to jump into adult modeling with both feet at the tender age of 19.
rikki nyx
She’s only shy for the first few minutes, then this FTV girl opens up in all sorts of ways.
rikki nyx
FTV girl Rikki Nyx loves girls and loves to masturbate, so we’re sure she’s going to be a big hit.

Model Comments: So my name is Rikki Nyx and I’m 19 years old. As a teenager I was half tomboy and half girlie girl. As I grew up I blossomed into a beautiful girl.. Time came where I needed a job and I needed something I loved so I started this business where I would masterbate which I love masterbating by the way.. I touch this pussy 6 times a day and she cums like you just won the lottery ticket.. Hahah other things about me are I Iove jogging on the beach and in the city I think I have the most amazing personality in the universe I love to joke around and I love my nipples being bitten on and I am 4″11 and I love being the way I am like they say fun size is amazing to be around.. That’s a few things about me thanks for listening.

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FTV Girl Anne

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ftv girl anne
FTV Girl Anne is an alumni, first appearing with us two years ago. This is her second nude photo shoot.
ftv girl anne
You can easily tell this FTV Anne works the fuck out, earning herself a super strong super hard body.
ftv anne
This FTV girl preens herself nude in the mirror, showcasing her toned tan muscles she’s worked for.

Anne’s Comments: I can’t believe it’s been two years since I was on FTV, but my second shoot was more exciting…and daring than I could have imagined! I was thrilled to shoot again because my first time was such a great experience. I loved all the masturbation and flashing, but I wanted to be more adventurous this time around. And I wanted to do it with another girl. I have been into girls for a while, experimenting more and more over the last few years. So I was eager to put some of the things I enjoy doing with girls on film!

8 Comments for “FTV Girl Anne”

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FTV Girl Amie

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ftv amie
FTV Amie is a 19 year old Florida teen doing her very first nudes with us.
ftv girl amie
It’s also FTV Amie’s first time doing public nudity in this office park.
ftv girl amie
FTV girl Amie has that perfect teen figure, tight and slender that we all want to see.

Videographer/Photographer’s Comments: I never received Amie’s writeup, so there isn’t any comments by her for this shoot — so I’ll write more about her through the pages. Amie is one of those rather innocent looking girls, who upon arrival from Florida was rather shy and nervous at the airport. Considering she’s traveling from the other side of the country to a strangers’ place to do a porn shoot, 19 and rather ‘innocent’, its understandable. After she got settled at the house, I did a little interview of her (wearing exactly what she arrived in) and did a little striptease video of photoshoot as a little warmup. After taking her out for dinner, I wanted to see the vibrator she had brought with her. According to her, she bought it about 6 months ago, and has been using it (3 times a week) ever since.

12 Comments for “FTV Girl Amie”

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FTV Girl Cory

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ftv girl cory
FTV girl Cory is a beautiful 22 year old university student in Arizona with a naughty side.
ftv girl cory
Leaning back, FTV girl Cory spreads her lips for a delicious gaping pussy shot.
ftv girl cory
FTV Cory gets so wet from playing with her self, she is able to fit her entire fist in her pussy.

Model Comments: Hi my name is Cory. I’m 22 years old. I’m a student at Arizona State University studying Psychology. I’ve lived in Arizona for most of my life but was born in Texas. I have always enjoyed watching porn but had never really considered making any of my own. But over time I was told by many sexual partners that I was such a passionate lover that they wished they could film me. Now after having done my first gig with FTVgirls I feel that much more exhilarated about masturbation on camera. I had such a good time! It was fun and exciting and very pleasurable. I’m glad that I have the opportunity to be a part of a sexually open community..otherwise it would just be me alone with my naughty thoughts ;) Thanks for letting me share myself with you!!

11 Comments for “FTV Girl Cory”

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FTV Girl Casy

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ftv casy
FTV girl Casy is the cute and bubbly blonde type from California.
ftv casy
After playing in a public fountain, FTV girl Casy shows off her dripping wet body.
ftv casy
FTV girl Casy spreads her delicious pussy on a park bench downtown.

Model Comments: Well, here I am! I’ve been doing a few nude shoots for fun and portfolio purposes but never real porn. I waited for a long time to do anything like this, I mean I’ve had real jobs all my life. I want to do adult work now, at 24 and its going to help me with college expenses. I usually masturbate more than have sex (because I don’t sleep around) but with a stranger and a camera its much more difficult than I would’ve thought. I have a thing for heels btw, even though they hurt my feet after a while and so I can’t wear them for long. I like how my legs and butt look in them so I do it anyway.

12 Comments for “FTV Girl Casy”

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FTV Girl Sensi

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ftv sensi
Playful and petite Sensi has her first exposure to public nudity as an FTV girl.
ftv sensi
FTV Girl sensi strips completely naked and runs around a popular hiking trail.
ftv sensi
We get an incredible point of view of FTV girl Sensi’s pussy from below. Yum.

Model Comments: HEY FTV~ I’m Sensi and I just gotta say that FTV is by FAR the most fun I have EVER had on a photoshoot. First of all you guys have the best site and the photography is just gorgeous so I was so excited to be picked to be an FTV Girl but I didn’t know the shoot was going to be soooo fun! First thing we did was get me all naked in public which is the first time I have ever done anything like that in my life and I can’t believe how thrilling that was and also it made me HORNY too! Like, I can’t believe I get paid for this – thats how fun shooting for FTV is, I love my life haha.

12 Comments for “FTV Girl Sensi”

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FTV Girl Elle

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ftv elle
FTV Elle is a natural red head! 20 years old, and crossing over from being a mainstream model.
ftv elle
FTV Elle says her adult modeling is sort of a rebellion from the industry. We don’t mind at all.
ftv girl elle
She grew up in ballet and was a dance instructor for awhile, so her body is nice and flexible…

Model Comments: Hey everyone im elle im 20 years old and yes… i am a natural red head :) i would calll myself a jack of all trades master at none ;) i race cars, ive been a dance instructor, i have half a pilots license (only finished ground training), im a professional stunt double as well as a mainstream model and actress/dancer. im super super business oriented and strive to further my career. im currently single by my own choice because right now im focusing on my new life and boys tend to be a distraction :) i look forward to producing more and more fun stuff for all of you to enjoy :)

8 Comments for “FTV Girl Elle”

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FTV Girl Shelbie

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ftv shelbie
FTV girl Shelbie grew up in the Philippines and moved here after marrying a military guy.
ftv shelbie
A dancer a Las Vegas strip clubs now, FTV girl Shelbie has that slender dancer’s body.
ftv girl shelbie
What a great view looking up FTV girl Shelbie’s tight Filipina body with her perky nipples.

Videographer/Photographer’s Comments: Though I did not shoot her, I did pick her up from the airport, and got to chat with her for a while. I learned that she was originally from the Philippines, got married to a military guy stationed there, and moved to a military base in Texas. They ended up divorcing 4 years later, and she never ended up having children. She’s become a dancer now, mostly doing Las Vegas and Texan strip clubs. She had a very spunky and energetic personality, and was very enthusiastic about shooting. She’s a total first timer, and exclusive to FTV.

6 Comments for “FTV Girl Shelbie”

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FTV Girl Felicia

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ftv girl felicia
Super busty FTV girl Felicia is a 20 year old model with really firm EE breasts.
ftv girl felicia
I have to admit, I can’t tell if FTV girl Felicia has real or fake breasts. What do you think?
ftv girl felicia
That pussy is definitely real, and that view is one of my favorites. I love under boobage.

Videographer/Photographer’s Comments: She was shot by the contributing photographer, and the went out north to some lake and some other property I’ve never seen. This is a shoot for those who want full figured super-busty naturals, and she’s a cute finger masturbator as well. Some large & deep dildo play for a final scene. She’s a total first timer, and exclusive to FTV.

17 Comments for “FTV Girl Felicia”

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FTV Girl Melissa

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ftv melissa
FTV Girl Melissa is an alumni. She first appeared here at 18 now she’s back 4 years later.
ftv melissa
Now FTV girl Melissa is ready to take it to the next level with some extreme insertions.
ftv girl melissa
Swollen and raw from so much stretching, FTV Melissa exposes her aching pussy lips.

Model Comments: I was 18 when I did my first shooting, then 19 when I did that girl-girl shoot. Now I’m 22 and I feel like the older one on the website! I don’t think I’ve changed much but my breasts got a little bigger. It really struck me to contact FTV and see whats up, since its been over 3 years. By the end of the day I was exhausted, sweating, and like as if it was an exercise my muscles were all tired.

8 Comments for “FTV Girl Melissa”

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