These FTV girls are total amateurs, most of them trying nudity for the first time on video by a very talented photographer who likes public nudity and masturbation. Please rate your favorite FTV Girls.


FTV Girl Leann

Rating: 4.02    (429 votes cast)
ftv leann
Leann is a lawyer in Utah, and this is her one and only nude first time video experience.
ftv leann
This FTV Girl has kept her body in great shape, with a delicious ass I just want to bite.
ftv leann
She does quite a few ‘firsts’ at FTV, including stuffing this banana in her sweet pussy.

Model Comments: I never thought that I’d actually make it on this site! Not because I didn’t feel that I was attractive enough but because every girl on here seems to be 18-21. Also I have breast implants and the emphasis seems to be on natural girls. I was an A cup practically my whole adult life and so very recently I got implants. I like them, they feel right and balance out my rear. As you may have read by now, I’m a Lawyer, more specifically, a property contracts lawyer in Utah. Am I concerned about being exposed on a pornsite like this? No. I feel this site is very classy, and its not hardcore material. To be honest, it was my guy who directed my attention to the site. We watch FTV together sometimes, and I do have quite a few favorite girls here.

3 Comments for “FTV Girl Leann”

  1. steve - i love breast implants if thay are done right there the best. your are hot…lol
  2. Jay - Now she is damn fine!
  3. dd.eddie - U R spectacular! WOW! its not age or natural vs firm. It is sex appeal and you have it. Can i get you on sex retainer?


FTV Girl Laleh

Rating: 3.83    (428 votes cast)
ftv laleh
Laleh is a half Persian, half Italian babe from San Diego and now an exclusive FTV Girl.
ftv laleh
FTV Laleh was a little shy about posing nude for porn but we are sure glad she did.
ftv laleh
This pretty FTV girl is still sweet and innocent, even at 21. This is her first nudes.

Model Comments: My name is Laleh, which is Tulip in Persian. I actually don’t know much Persian, and I’m only half. Laleh means Tulip in Persian, and supposedly I had full rosy lips like I do now so they named me after the flower. I’ve grown up and lived in San Diego all my life and I’ve really never traveled out of the state except for when I went to Vegas once for a friend’s birthday. I have a boyfriend right now that I’ve been with for 3 years and I haven’t told him about what I’m doing today. I will have to soon.

6 Comments for “FTV Girl Laleh”

  1. Christian Alexander Tietgen - Sweeeeeet
  2. mr - permit me lick ur feet
  3. Erfan - I m oersian too, and fascinated vy seeing persian models like you
  4. jeff - damn they did a bad job photoshoppin that cellulite outta ur first pic….fire them fools
  5. dd.eddie - Im mezzmerized by you beautiiful face… the body is smokin too. THANK YOU for sharing your beauty! :D’
  6. Christian Alexander Tietgen - Amazing legs.


FTV Girl Lacie aka Pepper Kester

Rating: 3.54    (374 votes cast)
pepper kester
Lacie returns as an alumni to FTV Girls, after a stint in softcore porn as Pepper Kester.
pepper kester
Still only 19, FTV Lacie has been working on a ‘newer, firmer’ body. It looks damn nice.
pepper kester
One thing Lacie is always up for is trying something new to insert in her stretchy pussy…

Model Comments: I was seeing family in New Mexico when I thought about contacting FTV and seeing if they’d be interested in shooting me again. Well the stars mustve been alinged right because everything worked out and I ended up having a fun shoot. I hope I surprised you guys with some of my new talents and skinnier and firmer body. I’ve been working out and eating a lot better so I’ve lost weight and I’ve even got a nice tan. Besides FTV being where I broke it first into the adult industry its been one of my favorite companies to work with. Since I’m doing a lot of softcore shooting now I go by the name Pepper Kester. Where else can I have sex with girls who I’ve always dreamed about and get paid for it too?

Found some Pepper Kester galleries:

5 Comments for “FTV Girl Lacie aka Pepper Kester”

  1. Steve - Thanks for brightening our day and sharing such alluring and attractive images with us Lacie. Your countenance is warm, happy!
  3. mr - fine legs
  4. Christian Alexander Tietgen - Great!
  5. dd.eddie - Hot damn Girl, you look FANTASTIC! Please post a frontal standing X? Pleasethe back too. One long lickable body! :D’


FTV Girl Jessica aka Mia Malkova

Rating: 4.2    (476 votes cast)
mia malkova
Flexible teen cutie FTV Jessica has now jumped into the adult business as Mia Malkova.
mia malkova
Not only is she flexible but she’s also double jointed, contorting her body in sexy ways.
mia malkova
Pop question: what do you think FTV Jessica has inserted inside her tight pierced pussy?

Model Comments: I’m really really excited about getting into the adult business and my friend will probably do it too. FTV came highly recommended by a lot of photographers I’ve done implied nude glamour modeling with so I thought I’d start with that. I didn’t know if I’m really attractive enough for it but the photographer gave me a lot of confidence. I was expecting an angry old guy or something to shoot me but he was much younger than I thought and very nice about everything. Hopefully its all like this right? I don’t deny that I was very nervous at first and I really needed direction on how to pose and what to do especially when it came to masturbating. Sure I masturbate every day but I need to be turned on and I don’t do it in front of people, especially a stranger! What I really liked the most was the vibrator that you plug in. It had super strong vibrations so I couldn’t put it right on my clit but wow it just pushed me over the edge! Maybe because of my clit piercing it made things vibrate all around my clit but that was probably the strongest orgasm I’ve had that I can remember.

Some Mia Malkova galleries so far:

5 Comments for “FTV Girl Jessica aka Mia Malkova”

  1. Wow - Sexy, pretty & so hot pussy!
  2. ds - u are truly sexy and have a good future
  3. f - you are beautifull.
  4. Christian Alexander Tietgen - She’s perfectly beautiful.
  5. dd.eddie - Im going for a large lemon drop, but NOTHING could make that kitty sour! lol. You R beautiful! Bent over backwards?


FTV Girl Aubrey

Rating: 3.82    (365 votes cast)
ftv aubrey
23 year old FTV girl Aubrey in from New Jersey on her way to L.A. to become a porn star.
ftv aubrey
She’s had some experience as a stripper and her ass was built just to be worshiped.
ftv aubrey
She plans to work super hard in the adult industry and earn lots of awards and money.

Model Comments: I was born on February 24, 1989 and I a am 23 years old. I was adopted when I was 2 & 1/2 years old in Romania. I can speak three different languages as well, which is Romanian, Hungarian and English. I decided to get myself back in shape so I decided to go and be a dancer at a GoGo’s bar. I definitely made and still do make good money there and you definitely have to be a flirty girl. One my friends that was dancing with me came out here to California and started to be in the Adult Industry and told me that I should be interested. What do you know now? I’m coming to California soon and I will be shooting porn after my shoot here. I know I will absolutely love it and I will enjoy every minute off it. I will pursue my career as being a Porn Star for however long as I possibly could. I would like to successful and most importantly to get nominated for an award! If being nominated, that will be the best thing that can ever happen to me because I know that I will deserve it and that I have worked super hard. Thank you so much, Koszonom nagyon szepen

7 Comments for “FTV Girl Aubrey”

  1. JDS - hot as a m/f yes
  2. Wow - Lovely pussy!
  3. joe - You really have some beauitful pussy lips
  4. Lucky - can I lick your finger? Very HOT
  5. steve - for got that
  6. steve - dd you for that other hole, she wants it worshiped too ….lol
  7. dd.eddie - Well let’s try the first award to be best Amateur/Amateur with just U & I. LOL I do worship your pussy!


FTV Girl Mali Myers

Rating: 4.03    (428 votes cast)
mali myers
Mali Myers flew in from Rhode Island for a whirlwind tour of hit ‘n run porn.
mali myers
Her first stop was, lucky for us, First Time Video. This petite little thing is only 21.
mali myers
She plans to make enough money in her ‘porn vacation’ to pay for nursing school… Wow.

Model Comments: Heyyyy whats up, its been only 2 days since I flew in from Rhode Island where I’m living. I’ve been working at Chilis as a waitress over there and the pay isn’t that great so its amazing to see how much I can get from shooting in porn. Today’s my first day shooting porn and I really enjoyed it a lot. I’m hoping its going to be all like this since I’ve got shoots booked all week. The agent who sent me here said that ftv is the best to start with and that I’d have a good experience here which is true. So even though this is my softcore shoot I’ll be doing both hardcore and softcore for other companies. The photographer here told me he likes girls to shoot ftv first because we don’t get influenced by porn that way but I’m not sure what he means. I’ll just hope my experiences will be as nice and as professional as this one.

Here’s a few other porn sites I found with Mali Myers:

5 Comments for “FTV Girl Mali Myers”

  1. Mike - beautiful girl
  2. rossi - can i touch your pussy?
  3. George - I would love to tap that x
  4. mark - long live R.I. girls we breed the best
  5. dd.eddie - Mali…… may I? Hmm i’m an ailing patient needing care. Please help me.. Dont forget the nurses oath!


FTV Girl Veronika

Rating: 3.71    (384 votes cast)
FTV Veronika
FTV Veronika is a full blooded 21 year old Russian girl born in the United States.
ftv veronika
Who wouldn’t want a piece of this fine Russian ass? It’s in like new condition.
ftv pussy
FTV Veronika spread her pussy lips back as the camera gets an extreme closeup.

Model Comments: I was born united states my parents come from russia so i speak russian fluently. I can be a dork and i love to laugh. I love boys and my weakness guy that is tan and is well built. I realized that i enjoy masterbating in my early teenage years but i didnt loose my virginity till 18 but i did have oral and anul before that. Im a very sexual person i can have sex 3 times a day and have multiple orgasms at once. one of my most daring sexcual stuff i probably done was give a guy head at the movie theaters. I been told i give really good head and that i can be very naughty.

3 Comments for “FTV Girl Veronika”

  1. Wow - Nice pussy
  2. Christian Alexander Tietgen - Nice ass.
  3. dd.eddie - Yes, the russians lost one awesome gymnist! i want to eat you as you bend over backwards and give me head! LOL WOW


FTV Girl Meghan aka Megan Loxx

Rating: 4.13    (455 votes cast)
ftv meghan
Meghan returns to FTV after almost two years, only now as newest pornstar Megan Loxx.
ftv meghan
Now this pic shows some serious curves. As Megan Loxx I hear she’s doing some hardcore too.
ftv meghan
FTV Meghan is a lot more comfortable with public nudity for this shoot, and we thank her.

Model Comments: Im finally back after 2 years! I had another adventure but I still think the last time 2 years ago was even crazier! In the restaurant for lunch I exposed my breasts briefly and was instantly told by a male waiter not to do that here. I couldnt believe he wanted me stop. I enjoyed playing naked in the fountains at a park. My highlight of the day was driving the most gorgeous car I have ever laid my eyes on, the most expensive too. The other day I googled panty stuffing to show a friend an example, and my FTV panty stuffing pictures came up first! I couldnt believe it! I hope I will be back again!

4 Comments for “FTV Girl Meghan aka Megan Loxx”

  1. Wow - Sexy!
  2. Seymour Heinie - With that Loxx, who needs bagles?
  3. steve - baby i’d FUCK you anyday
  4. dd.eddie - Panty Stuffing? I guess i need to google too, from where to my mouth? Congrats


FTV Girl Sabrina

Rating: 3.98    (436 votes cast)
ftv girl sabrina
Sabrina is a sexy young mom who wants to use her sexuality in porn…
ftv girl sabrina
An early bloomer, this FTV Girl stood out in school with all the boys.
ftv sabrina
Sabrina is only 20, fresh and willing. Expect to see her in hardcore soon.

Model Comments: I was very sexual from the beginning and I learned to masturbate around the same time I first had sex at 16. Guys at school were attracted to me but also they were intimidated by the size of my breasts and my height. Most girls were shorter or petite or fat so I stood out. My breasts were larger D’s back then so every guy wanted to see them or touch them. I had a pretty serious boyfriend and a year later I got pregnant and had my baby right when I turned 18. My breasts were so huge then they swelled up to EE or something like that. One day I want to get a breast lift because I miss having those perfect breasts I grew up with. Even though I have sex a lot I like to masturbate when I’m alone, maybe once a day and it usually means just my fingers. I prefer fingers and I rub my clit in a certain way, and lube it up with my juices inside my vagina (I’m always wet) by sticking a finger or two inside and bringing my juices over my clit. Usually I’m lying on my back on my bed but here in this shoot I’m sitting up. Its the first time I’ve masturbated and orgasmed on video though on the first masturbation I kept getting distracted by looking at myself through the screen on the camera on the tripod so it took a while for me to orgasm.

7 Comments for “FTV Girl Sabrina”

  1. Mike8 - i need her
  2. Christian Alexander Tietgen - Nude she definitely looks better
  3. Man - Sexy & hot!
  4. msm69 - Love your tits and smooth pussy
  5. me - love a girl that likes anal along with her pussy and ass licked and fucked with my cock
  6. Christian Alexander Tietgen - What a pussy!
  7. dd.eddie - Hot damn! Mighty fine and a yung super milf! Awesome pussy n ass! you make my cok twitch sabrina


FTV Girl Maya aka Mae Olson

Rating: 3.71    (365 votes cast)
ftv girl mae olson
This tiny teen came to FTV as Maya but left as newest pornstar Mae Olson.
ftv girl mae olson
Mae just moved to Florida for college and porn, and plans to be a lawyer.
mae olson
She’s a delicious treat for those who like ‘em cute and petite. Yum.

Model Comments: So let me REALLY introduce myself. I am a half Hispanic, half Causcasian 19-year-old from Miami who is starting with Ftv and probably will do more porn to pay for law school. . I will be fine paying for my undergrad but law school is really expensive and what better way to help pay for it than be sexual and get paid for it? I mean I’m not beautiful but still pretty cute and I may not have the perfect body but I work with what I have. I am not usually quiet during sex so why not? I contacted my friend and she know the guy from Ftv and now here I am.

Update: She’s had her first HARDCORE porn shoots! Check them out.

4 Comments for “FTV Girl Maya aka Mae Olson”

  1. jeff - big dildo and alotta make..up no way
  2. Christian Alexander Tietgen - Boring.
  3. rick - Mae. You are extremely beautiful, veery sexy and very fiiittt. You will be a lawyer and porn star. Kisses babe
  4. dd.eddie - Gorgeous! i wish you sooner cum louder in your studies.. Face of a pixie dust angel, wow