These FTV girls are total amateurs, most of them trying nudity for the first time on video by a very talented photographer who likes public nudity and masturbation. Please rate your favorite FTV Girls.


FTV Girl Katherine

Rating: 3.8    (414 votes cast)
ftv katherine
FTV Katherine comes from Russia to pursue a college degree in the USA.
ftv katherine
She also decided to use her busty assets to do some glamour and model work.
ftv katherine
We’re very happy Katherine decided to do her first nudes here at FTV!

Model Comments: Hi, I want to say I am very happy to be here and the experience was very good doing this solo shooting. I move from Moscova to USA for college and to have new opportunity and then I do glamor modeling for work and pay. I have blue eyes but sometime they get green but men look to my breasts all the time… Big breasts mean more glamor modeling work for me so it works for me. I dont masturbate very much but if I have a vibrator I will climax no problem… I really have fun showing my breasts outside where persons saw them at the parking lot. I very much like my pictures they are very sexy and I like the pictures in my red dress. I feel sexy in dress with nice heels and wear them when I go out for dinner or events. Thank you for reading!

2 Comments for “FTV Girl Katherine”

  1. bj - u r very sexy-beautiful- no ass shot??
  2. dd.eddie - Well thank you for posting and posing. You are beautiful as a total package. Love your eyes& nose too! Sexy hips&legs. Best wish


FTV Girl Abigail

Rating: 3.57    (340 votes cast)
ftv abigail
Abigail always wanted to be a glamour model and FTV was her first choice.
ftv abigail
FTV Abigail readily admits she does things for FTV she’s never done before.
ftv abigail
It’s no surprise FTV Abigail is bisexual, so we’ll see if she makes the jump into porn.

Model Comments: Hey guys its Abigail!!! I had so much fun on my first softcore shoot!!! I didnt know how the shoot would go but I know that I just wanted to do it. Knowing that you were watching me turned me on and made it that much more exciting. I hope you love it. I did things in my video that I didnt know I could do before. It was a very sexy adventure! My experience was steamy, erotic, and I know I will be dreaming about it for a long time. I hope you will to!! I hope you have as much fun with my video as I did. It was definitely one of the best times I have had in a very long time. I hope you watch me as you stroke your hard cock until it is limp. At least that is in one of my fantasies. I hope when you wake up with a hard on you rub it out to me. In the shower, on the phone, at work, anytime baby I am all yours…and you are mine. Abigail xoxo

5 Comments for “FTV Girl Abigail”

  1. - Great little tight ass, beautiful face. Nice pink twat!
  2. pete - forget the dildo honey ow about my cock
  3. jack - i came in my pants when i saw her
  4. jack - my cum fly 2 meter up in the air when i saw this babe
  5. dd.eddie - You are cute and hot but the picture selection is too poor to judge and fantisize about your goodies. Im sad… plz repost


FTV Girl Embry

Rating: 4.08    (459 votes cast)
ftv embry
Embry is just the type of California girl you would imagine – blonde and bubbly.
ftv embry
This is FTV Embry’s very first nude photo shoot at the sweet age of 22.
ftv embry
She works out a lot and keeps her body in shape. A very beautiful girl.

Model Comments: Hello! I’m Embry! Spicy girl that has a huge thirst for life. I was born in Bellflower, CA. I’m very relaxed and easy going. I LOVE to laugh and I’m a very happy person, i am always giggling! I’m very into the tall, dark, and handsome males! Very athletic and guys that are true gentlemen, very ambitious, yet also knows how to live life! Its very hard to find now days! I love a man that can take control and throw me around as well! I have to say this adventure this weekend was so entertaining! My favorite part was how many people saw my boobies or my naked self running around! hehe VERY fun! I love being naked! i forget sometimes… haha although i’m sure the members at 24 hour fitness yesterday wont forget either! They all stopped working out and tried to glance at our spontaneous shoots, it was definitely a treat! Lovely weekend! I hope you all enjoy! :) xo Cheers

6 Comments for “FTV Girl Embry”

  1. jim - drop dead gorgeous,fantastic body.
  2. wayne g - I love to meet you and take care of you for the rest of my life
  3. pete - you are truly beautiful
  4. jack - i wanna fuck you
  5. Gdogg - A breath of fresh air ,eye candy ,my midnight fantasy
  6. dd.eddie - Your bright eyes and beautiful smile brings peace to my soul. Spectacular! :D I ENJOYED!


FTV Girl Zoey

Rating: 3.75    (395 votes cast)
ftv zoey
Zoey is an 18 year old redhead gamer and a sexual super freak.
ftv zoey
FTV Zoey has a tight little body she’s used for many naughty purposes.
ftv zoey
Little Zoey loves video games, movies, having sex and masturbation toys.

Model Comments: hello:) my name is zoey and i am a really sexual person. i love getting people off and getting myself off. i like kinky things like bondage and i love watching gangbangs! even tho ive never been in one (yet) i like playing video games on the ps3 ps2 or ps1 (which are all way better than xbox 360) and i like playing my 3ds and ds and gameboy and stuff. im also super bi and i check out girls all the time. i like every part of a girl. i really like eating pussy and making girls cum. i also love sucking dick and making guys cum on my face! or tits or feet or anywhere else. my favorite porn star is belladonna, shes my idol! shes a fuckin athelete the way she takes dick. i love traveling and i wanna see the world! id really love to go to spain or japan, or amsterdam or one of those countries that have really lax weed laws tehe. but yea, i hope you enjoy my video and cum to it very hard!

9 Comments for “FTV Girl Zoey”

  1. JDS - oh sit sit and ride :0) nice
  2. bill - i want to lick your hot pink eye
  3. Michael - Love the red hair and LOVE your thoughts on sex. You’re the girl that every guy dreams of having.
  4. bill - i love red heads
  5. bucknaked - love redheadsride that dildo like the little naughty you are.
  6. Christian Alexander Tietgen - haha hot
  7. Seymour Heinie - Zoey is beautiful all over!
  8. ginger.rulez - that last pic is saying ‘start banging me and never stop!’
  9. dd.eddie - Zoom Zoom Zoey you are extrordinaire! You would be a sex goddess in Japan but weed?. wish you would fulfill my bucketlist. PLz


FTV Girl Thena

Rating: 3.85    (405 votes cast)
ftv thena
FTV Thena is a Colorado girl and ‘porn’ is on her bucket list.
ftv thena
At 24, Thena is heading to L.A. after this FTV shoot to be a porn star.
ftv thena
She’s young and pretty so the more she’s willing to do the more work she’ll get. :)

Model Comments: I’m from Colorado, been there all my life. You might think that I’m trying out porn because of the money, well I’m sure that will be nice but its also one of those things on my bucket list. I’m 24 and there’s many things I want to try, this is one of them. I got referred to the site by a photographer to see how softcore porn is like but I’m also interested in doing hardcore porn because I really do like sex. Some might think its a bad thing to have sex with strangers but all girls do that. I was very nervous about coming to a shoot like this and I couldn’t sleep all night thinking about it. It turned out to be easier than I thought it would be especially since I masturbate all the time.

7 Comments for “FTV Girl Thena”

  1. Man - Sexy & hot pussy!
  2. Robert - Any woman as hot as you that can put her legs behind her head is a keeper!!! You are beautiful and have an AMAZING body A 10!!
  3. Alan - Perfect asshole!
  4. joe - I would lick that all night
  5. Lucky - Good God, I wish I could be a porn star! You should do very well, just be naughty as hell. You have the looks and perfect pussy!
  6. ACE - Incredibly tasty and beautiful looking pussy! Best looking asshole on here in awhile. Would love to be on ur bucket list. :)
  7. dd.eddie - Awesomely perfect body proportions! bucket list? You shouldnt have one; BUTT you R on MINE! Please… 10+


FTV Girl Alice

Rating: 4.08    (501 votes cast)
ftv alice
FTV Alice is totally new to nude modelling, as sports an amazing set of natural DD breasts.
ftv alice
She’s an Ohio girl, with natural blonde hair and some serious womanly curves to show off.
ftv alice
Imagine being on top of this busty girl and watching those big boobs jiggle all over. Nice.

Model Comments: I’m so excited to be here! I’m a pretty simple girl but I’ve been watching softcore porn of girls for a few years now and always thought of what it would be if I tried doing one of my own! I’ve been a fan of FTV for a long time and I finally got the guts to contact the site and see if they were interested in me. I got a response and after working things out (I live in Ohio, so I had to travel down and take time off from work) here I am!

6 Comments for “FTV Girl Alice”

  1. Carlos - Wifey material…
  2. pete - nice pussy
  3. pete - simply beautiful
  4. Seymour Heinie - I don’t need cialis. I just need to SEE ALICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. vincent - wouaw fantastic curves
  6. dd.eddie - oh please be Daytom and work at the twisted kilt! Yummilicious. :D’


FTV Girl Jayde

Rating: 3.79    (359 votes cast)
ftv jayde
Flirtatious and fun Jayde is invited back for a second FTV girl exclusive shoot…
ftv jayde
FTV Jayde really let loose this time, even masturbating in public with people around.
ftv jayde
Some erotic pussy shaving closeups as Jayde gets ready for a night out.

Model Comments: Wow. That is the first word that popped in my head when I was asked to do a second shoot for FTV. I feel completely honored and excited to be asked back. The first shoot I did was incredible, not to say I wasn’t nervous at first, since that was the first time I really did anything so daring out in public, but this shoot was absolutely amazing. I didn’t have any nerves this time at all. I just completely let loose and I enjoyed everything that came my way, even if some moments weren’t so enjoyable for others, (meaning middle-aged housewives and other girls around my age). One word for them, jealous! Wouldn’t they want to be enjoying a beautiful Sunday by relaxing on a bench under a gazebo and playing with a large pink vibrator until they had a huge squirting orgasm as well? How could you not, right? lol.

2 Comments for “FTV Girl Jayde”

  1. Christian Alexander Tietgen - Nice eyebrows.
  2. dd.eddie - Exactly right, they are all jealous or just disappointed you didnt invite to join. I would! ThankU for cumming back Squirt me


FTV Girl Kelsey Jones

Rating: 3.75    (412 votes cast)
kelsey jones
Kelsey Jones is a 19 year old Texas brunette trying to break into porn.
kelsey jones
She’s taking her hot body on to L.A. to see about making adult movies.
kelsey jones
Hopefully Kelsey Jones is the latest FTV girl to become a porn star.

Model Comments: Well its my first time leaving the state of texas, well a least flying out of texas i mean. i want to try out porn not just because its for $$ but also because its something i used to fantasize about when i was young. i watch porn all the time and masturbate to it and its really easy to get … my parents gave me a laptop and i was very curious about sex so i satisfied myself thru the free porn sites. so i want to be seen in porn and thats why im trying this website first to see how it is even if it isnt about sex with a guy. it was very crazy to show off my breasts at the store we went to and those guys swarming around me just went out of control! i didnt know thats how the shoot would start but i enjoyed it. i thought id like taking the photos more but the videos were more fun especially when i masturbated. i was worried that it would have to be a certain way but it was cool that i could watch my porn and masturbate just like i do in my bedroom. i also loved staying at that house that night it was so big and comfy! the photographer was hot too i would fuck him if he let me. the more i shot the more horny i got if you know what i mean. i kept playing with myself but i wanted dick even more after that.

Update: She’s begun her porn career…

3 Comments for “FTV Girl Kelsey Jones”

  1. dd.eddie - Hot damns is she smokin! i’m anxiously waiting for Pro-Am. I want to be your Am!
  2. Christian Alexander Tietgen - Hot.
  3. ddd steve - i’d like to eat both of them holesmmmmmm nice twins


FTV Girl Emily

Rating: 3.95    (395 votes cast)
ftv emily
Emily is a tall leggy blonde, a bikini model entering the adult world…
ftv emily
This latest FTV girl is 20 years old and is an impressive 5’11” without heels.
ftv emily
At first apprehensive about shooting nudes, she quickly gets comfortable and revealing…

Model Comments: Hey, I’m Emily which isn’t my real name but I actually use that name for my fake ID when I’m going out to clubs :P I look a lot older than my age which is 20 and I’ll be 21 in October which will be an exciting time for me :-) So if u notice I masturbate differentl from how girls seem to do it but its how I started when I was twelve. On my stomach grinding against my fingers and then when I found my first vibrator its grinding against that. I’ve never told anyone about this not even my exboyfriend so its pretty crazy that I’m showing it off to the world now ;~} Do my friends and family know what I did on this shoot today? No of course not but I’m sure I will have to tell them sometime because they will find out sooner or later. Thanx, and bye :))

3 Comments for “FTV Girl Emily”

  2. ddd steve - i’ll get that g-spot swollen for you
  3. dd.eddie - Let me be 1st to wish u the greatest birthday. Ur sexy.. well hot as heck! I wish i was beneath your M-GrinD! YUM! :D’


FTV Girl Romi Rain

Rating: 3.83    (415 votes cast)
ftv romi
Romi is a busty glamour model trying the softer side of porn for the first time…
ftv romi
She really let loose once she turned 18, moving to L.A. and getting tattoos and dancing.
ftv romi
This FTV girl looks like a sweetheart but she has a dirty crazy side that comes out often. :)

Model Comments: I’m Romi. First off, don’t let the tattoos and big boobs scare you too much, I’m actually much more of a sweetheart than I look…with a dirty, crazy side that comes out when it needs to. ;) I love rock music, candy, video games, reality shows and sex appeal. I got my first tattoo at 18, started exotic dancing at 19, and got into a three-way relationship with a tattooed married couple when I was 20…and left that when I was 21. ;) I love when nothing is off limits in every which way, I hate when people are censored. I really enjoyed myself at my shoot today, and I hope YOU enjoy all the yummy photos and video sessions I was a part of. :D I hope you can’t avoid seeing my pretty face all oover the ‘net and the rest of the world as time goes on. Many more sexy, fun, wild, boobie-licious shoots to come from me in the very near future! Hope you enjoy my First Time Video! FTV rules! xoxxx Romi Rain

3 Comments for “FTV Girl Romi Rain”

  1. elangs - beutiful
  2. ddd steve - can i put my head in there
  3. dd.eddie - damn im getting 3 tats today, cum do me! please i beg for by bucket list. let me lick ur fist. Love the back tat, paws i dont ge