These FTV girls are total amateurs, most of them trying nudity for the first time on video by a very talented photographer who likes public nudity and masturbation. Please rate your favorite FTV Girls.


FTV Girl Jessie Rogers

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rate jessie rogers
FTV Girl Jessi has used her incredible booty to enter the porn biz as Jessie Rogers.
rate jessie rogers
These are her final shots before she leaves FTV for L.A. to become a porn star.
rate jessie rogers
Each day of the shoot Jessie Rogers gets more and more kinky.

Model Comments: I’ve come back to shoot again and I’ve been shooting a lot since my visit to Phoenix in the summer. For me people ask how I can have sex on camera and does it affect me personally? No. I’m not lesbian really, but I like having girlfriends, and I don’t have a boyfriend right now so doing those kinds of shoots doesn’t bother anyone. I had a boyfriend for 3 years but in the end it didn’t work out and its probably why I’m doing porn now. I remember when I was shy about my small breasts and big booty thinking that guys would like it the other way around and my friends in high school seemed to get the boys but now things are a lot more different. Being in the industry and everyone telling you how attractive you are compared to the other girls has changed my opinions on myself. Still though I want to get breast implants eventually to match out my butt so I look more proportioned. Well I had fun using the vibrators that are always awesome and unique to the site because nobody else seems to have vibrators as cool as these. Makes me come many times that I don’t want to stop. Thanks and see you later :)

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FTV Girl Cassy

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ftv girl cassy
FTV Girl Cassy is a 19 year old grunge girl who loves music.
ftv girl cassy
She’s also a little sex freak, into some extreme toys and bondage.
ftv girl cassy
Even in a public location, FTV girl Cassy is up for just about anything.

Model Comments: i love fucking myself, i have so many crazy fantasies, masturbating is ALWAYS amazing for me :) threesomes are another favorite sexual act. what could be better than having a man and a woman at the same time?! i also just recently discoverd my love for fisting (which you should see a lot of from the videos we shot today!). i love to give and recieve ;) i love it when someone can be really aggressive and take control of me. pain and fucking combined its so exhilerating for me it makes for an amazing orgasm! my favorite features of mine would have to be my ass, eyes, and puffy nipples. i love doggie and riding on top..grinding feels so good! but my favorite position is pile-driver..a guy can drill so deep in me in that position. i love to 69 and scissor with a girl. grinding on a girl and making eye contact is so hot! i do plan on being in this industry for a while so eventually I would like to get into even more extreme things like being double penetrated and gangbanged. I get wet just thinking about it :):)

10 Comments for “FTV Girl Cassy”

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FTV Girl Alaura

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ftv girl alaura
19 year old Alaura has always been a rebellious teen with an exhibitionist side.
ftv girl alaura
FTV girl Alaura is very petite with a tight little body she shows off naked in the mirror.
ftv girl alaura
That teen pussy is so sweet and fresh. Alaura uses a vibrating toy to masturbate.

Model Comments: So I’m all done with my very first FTV shoot and I had so much fun I wish I could do the whole day all over again!! Ive never gotten naked in public so many times in one day in my life. Today I realized how much of an exhibitionist I really am. There is nothing more invigorating than being a little naughty and flashing the camera in a restaurant or hiking naked or walking down the road naked that was defiantly my favorite part of the day.

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FTV Girl Cassie

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ftv callie
FTV Girl Cassie is only 19 and still fresh faced and new to adult nude modeling.
ftv cassie
Long skinny legs and a beautiful ass bent over, FTV Girl Cassie is a sweet treat.
ftv cassie
Spreading her pink, FTV Girl Cassie’s pussy is deliciously innocent.

Model Comments: Hi guys, I’m Cassie! I’m 19 years old and currently live in Los Angeles, California. I’m pretty new to this whole thing, so you get to experience me while I’m still pretty shy ;) And although I am a little bit of a dork, I’m sure you’ll understand it’s all apart of my charm and it may just steal your heart…if you let me ;) It’s so beautiful here in sunny Arizona and I hate to leave it so soon. But at least there’s always one place to find me ;)

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FTV Girl Riley Reid

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ftv girl riley reid
FTV girl Riley Reid returns! Her very first amateur shoot was with us two years ago.
ftv girl riley reid
She’s very cute and very frisky, with a beautiful body that attracts many admirers.
ftv girl riley reid
Riley Reid offers up a tempting treat. This FTV Girl has a lot more to offer as well.

Model Comments: I remember my first time shoot like it was yesterday, hiking that mountain in super hot temperatures! A lot has happened in my life since then and I’ve become the ‘famous’ pornstar Riley Reid. I enjoy my work and I don’t think its changed me any. The money I’ve made helped me purchase a house, and an ’89 BMW! And don’t worry about me getting breast implants like most girls in porn I won’t succumb to peer pressure! Thanks for having me again!

5 Comments for “FTV Girl Riley Reid”

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FTV Girl Jaslene

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ftv jaslene
Jaslene is a cute girl hoping to make it big in L.A., and she’s starting with FTV Girls.
ftv girl jaslene
FTV Girl Jaslene is from Kentucky and freshly turned 18. Look at that sweet bum she has.
ftv jaslene
Jaslene spreads her shaved teen pussy for us. Not many people have seen this yet folks.

Model Comments: Hi my name is Jaslene and I grew up in a very small town in Kentucky. After high school, I really wanted to pursue mainstream modeling so I moved to New York City and got a few gigs but nothing big. After a short stay there, I moved to LA where I now live and ended up getting into the adult industry. Doing shoots like this has helped me grow sexually in a way which I am thankful for. Other than that, I’m just a fun loving girl who has no clue what I want to do later in life. I am having fun figuring it out though!

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FTV Girl Tatum

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ftv girl tatum
Tatum is a Seattle girl and this is her very first time shooting for the adult industry.
ftv girl tatum
There were many firsts for FTV girl Tatum on this shoot, including public nudity.
ftv girl tatum
Another first for FTV girl Tatum? Getting pussy fisted and fisting other girls too…

Model Comments: Hello everyone my name is Tatum! I am brand new to this industry and are having a blast so far! Being able to travel is amazing and this is a super fun “job”. I have always loved having sex and have been bisexual for quite some time. After that being said I have always wondered what it would be like to be filmed and paid for doing something I love so much! Since this is my first shoot i am still extremely excited and slightly giddy about going to sets and using the body I have, and the bodies others have… ;)

3 Comments for “FTV Girl Tatum”

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FTV Girl Victoria

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ftv girl victoria
Victoria just turned 18 and wants to do adult, and we’ve got her first as an FTV girl.
ftv girl victoria
She’s very petite, weighing just 98 pounds but with lots of sexy spunk to show off.
nude ftv girl
Victoria gets completely nude at a shopping center. It’s kind of a thing for new FTV girls.

Model Comments: Hi, I’m Victoria, I’m 18 years old. I’m five foot one, 98 pounds and I have C32 boobs. I’m a fun girl and I’m easy going and understanding. My sense of humor is sarcastic I love a good joke and people who can make me laugh. My favorite song is You Spin Me Right Round by Dead or Alive, it can make me wet when I listen to it. My favorite drink is tea, hot or iced. My family is German and Russian. I’m in college studying nursing, I have a 3.8 GPA. My favorite subject is anatomy and biology, my least favorite subject is political science because they are always trying to sell you something, it’s like a used car lot.

2 Comments for “FTV Girl Victoria”

  1. Christian Alexander Tietgen - Lovely body.
  2. dd.eddie - I sure damn want to spin you round at a 78rpm vs 33rpm! Hot damn! if you know what i mean! AWESOME :)


FTV Girl Elle & Malena

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elle & malena
FTV girls Elle & Malena are both adult models, and are real life girlfriends too.
elle & malena
Malena Morgan demonstrates her pussy licking abilities on hottie redhead Elle.
elle & malena
Elle helps Malena spread her delicious pink pussy for a full closeup view.

Elle’s Comments: Malena softened me up on the public nudity thing. I was really nervous the first time around when I was shooting for this website but since I’ve known Malena we are always getting ourselves into trouble at parties and clubs doing crazy things so I’m a lot more used to it now. We do shoots of each other with our iphones and I think we should make our own girls gone wild! Our phones are loaded with videos of us flashing or toying each other in the car or anywhere we can get away with stuff. So when Malena got aggressive on me over at the mall we were shooting at I didn’t mind at all and just for the heck of it I wanted to go down on her right there on the spot. I’m the dominant one in the relationship even though it might seem otherwise, so I like to take charge especially now that we’re being videotaped together.

Malena’s Comments: Heyy, back again for more shooting, and I’ve brought a friend! A lot has happened since my first shoot with FTV. Yeah, that was my very first porn shoot but I’ve done many sites including girl-girl since then. Very recently my hometown finally found out about my porn work and guess what? It was FTV that caught their attention first. But doing my softcore porn is a lot more fun and better paying than when I was working as a waitress and bussing for 10 dollars an hour in my hometown. S I met Elle through on the set of a shoot about 4 months ago and we hit it off right away. Even better when I found out we lived in the same apartment complex!!! So we would hang out more, and we were sexually attracted to each other and do all kinds of rediculous public displays of affection all the time. I’m bringing out her wild side she didn’t know she had.

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FTV Girl Adrianna

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ftv adrianna
Adrianna is a grad student making her first nude appearance as an FTV girl.
ftv adrianna
FTV Adrianna flashes a bit while out on a popular jogging trail.
ftv adrianna
FTV Girl Adrianna experiments with lots of toys leading to her first squirting experience.

Model Comments: Hey guys (and gals) this is Adrianna! I’m super excited to be shooting for FTV Girls today!!! Let’s see, I’m 22 years old, 5’5″ and of mexican/german decent. I always get compliments about my eyes so I’d say that is my best feature. Next would be my perky boobs. I am already a college graduate and now I’m going to a prestigious grad school in California for Psychology. I want to be a sex therapist when I’m older and think it’s important for me to explore my own body and sexuality. At home, I prefer masturbating with only my fingers. It feels more natural that way and I’m still able to orgasm multiple times. When we shot outside I was a little nervous being out in public like when we were at the running trail with so many people walking and riding bikes by. We tried to get away with as much as possible. One guy riding his bike looked back and caught a full view of my boobs and smiled. We got a big thumbs up as he rode off. The photographer today had me try some different toys and I actually ended up squirting which almost never happens! I worked my way up to some bigger toys later in the day which felt amazing.

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