FTV Girl Jessica aka Mia Malkova

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mia malkova
Flexible teen cutie FTV Jessica has now jumped into the adult business as Mia Malkova.
mia malkova
Not only is she flexible but she’s also double jointed, contorting her body in sexy ways.
mia malkova
Pop question: what do you think FTV Jessica has inserted inside her tight pierced pussy?

Model Comments: I’m really really excited about getting into the adult business and my friend will probably do it too. FTV came highly recommended by a lot of photographers I’ve done implied nude glamour modeling with so I thought I’d start with that. I didn’t know if I’m really attractive enough for it but the photographer gave me a lot of confidence. I was expecting an angry old guy or something to shoot me but he was much younger than I thought and very nice about everything. Hopefully its all like this right? I don’t deny that I was very nervous at first and I really needed direction on how to pose and what to do especially when it came to masturbating. Sure I masturbate every day but I need to be turned on and I don’t do it in front of people, especially a stranger! What I really liked the most was the vibrator that you plug in. It had super strong vibrations so I couldn’t put it right on my clit but wow it just pushed me over the edge! Maybe because of my clit piercing it made things vibrate all around my clit but that was probably the strongest orgasm I’ve had that I can remember.

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  1. Wow - Sexy, pretty & so hot pussy!
  2. ds - u are truly sexy and have a good future
  3. f - you are beautifull.
  4. Christian Alexander Tietgen - She’s perfectly beautiful.
  5. dd.eddie - Im going for a large lemon drop, but NOTHING could make that kitty sour! lol. You R beautiful! Bent over backwards?