FTV Girl Kennedy

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ftv kennedy
FTV Girl Kennedy spreads her pink pussy in a public park while nobody is watching.
ftv kennedy
FTV Girl Kennedy looking cute and petite in bra and jeans. Hard to believe she’s 25.
ftv kennedy
Closeups of FTV Girl Kennedy pinching her pussy lips around her damp panties.

Model Comments: Because I look so young and petite, everyone puts me in teens or early 20s. I’m actually 25 years old, and there’s nothing about that to be ashamed of. In fact, I think its nice to look younger than your age. I’m mistaken for underage all the time, and also some people think I’m starving myself or something. I like being petite, and I eat more than most girls do. Even on our lunch break here I had a whole pizza. I’m like my mom, who is also super petite. My biggest pet peeve is when guys say ‘eat a cheezeburger’ on forums and stuff. If they only knew how much I eat!

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12 Comments for “FTV Girl Kennedy”

  1. Christian Alexander Tietgen - She is so innocent. She shouldn’t be nude.
  2. toy lover - nice panties
  3. Christian Alexander Tietgen - Sexy.
  4. bond - i love ftv girl maku mal…
  5. larry - baby if you will hald that pussy open I will lick it till you cum or squirt
  6. helldemon2489@yahoo.com - you are so fine baby you dont need to change a bit, id love to show you a great time.
  7. bigmeech - i would do anything to fuck you right now..
  8. Neily - As long as i have a face she will always have a seat
  9. tom - hmm…….so sweeet
  10. bob - you have amazing body and lips really great
  11. lvlcknpussy - adorable
  12. dd.eddie - OMG! I prefer small, thin, firm women. You can really feel everything when they sit on you. MMmmm a tight pelvic bone! 10+